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Looking for an Unsung Hero? Got You Covered.

Has the glow worn off yet?

Somehow I doubt it.

Saturday’s win over Michigan will leave Buckeye Nation smiling until the next time the Buckeyes fail to pick up a third and short, but we know that won’t be for a while, so the Buckeye State is still beaming.

There are tons of back stories to The Game, from The Spot to Jim Harbaugh’s incredibly poor behavior in the postgame interviews, but your grin probably says as much as anything. That was a really, really good day for OSU fans.

One thing we haven’t seen discussed was something that was mentioned by Buckeye linebacker Chris Worley after the game. It was the contributions made to the win by players who didn’t get a single mention on Saturday, or since Saturday.

“For a lot of guys who don’t play, they don’t necessarily see the rewards come out on the field. You have young guys who may be on scout team who maybe don’t really understand the impact that they had in this game,” Worley said.

So now you’re thinking this is another boring walk-on story or special teamer story, and for crying out loud who wants to scroll down for more of this.

Give it a chance.

Worley talked about a specific player on the scout team, and what that player meant to OSU’s preparations.

Remember when OSU had to prepare for Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong? The OSU coaching staff called on defensive back Eric Glover-Williams to play that role for the scout team, and play it he did. Turns out the OSU coaching staff called on him again this week, and once again he more-than answered the bell.

“I look at a guy like EGW, and what went on in his mind throughout the week,” Worley said. “He had to put on the number five and be Jabril Peppers on the scout team offense and he’s a heck of a player.”

Think about that for a second.

The OSU scout team actually uses Michigan-like uniforms that week, and Glover-Williams was asked not only to wear one of those Halloween costumes, but to wear the number of Superman while in costume. It’s a lot to ask of a young person, and Glover-Williams could have gone a couple of ways with it. He could have tanked or he could suck it up and do what the team needed. He went the right way.

“Guys like that is why it’s a team win,” said Worley.

You may remember that Peppers didn’t exactly light it up on the offensive side of the ball (of course you do, but I needed a transition sentence here). His rushing stat line reads four rushes for four yards. For the random Wolverine grad who may read this, that’s one yard per carry. He had a long run of six yards.

Worley didn’t attribute that to poor play by Peppers, but great preparation because of the effort of Glover-Williams.

“To be honest, he kind of gave us a better look than Jabril Peppers did, and that’s what it’s all about, being unselfishness and helping us win the game.”

So if you took the time to scroll a little further I hope your smile is bit broader today.

Yeah, an OSU scout teamer gave the defense a better look than Superman.

It sort of explains one yard per carry.