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Video: Michigan Game Trailer – In This War Fight Like Hell

Ohio State - Michigan Game Hype Video

Four more days. That’s all.

To tide you over until then, Ohio State has released their official trailer/hype video for the Michigan game.

Of course, it won’t tide you over once you see it. Just the opposite will happen, in fact. You will find it impossible to wait until Saturday. You will look at the clock and the hands will begin to move counter-it wise. You will look outside and be able to trace the sun’s path back toward the east.

You will raise your fist and curse this damnable lying temptress known as “time”.

You’ll look at your calendar on the kitchen wall and the November days will end at 25. The empty blocks after the 25th will just say, “Nah, bruh.”

Tomorrow when you wake up and it’s still just Tuesday you will go to work and your boss will be like, “Crazy, huh?”

And you’ll say, “No, it’s bullcrap!”

But hey, at least you’ll have Tuesday’s work already taken care of.

But then your boss will say, “Since we’ve got a short week, why don’t you go ahead and get started on Wednesday’s stuff.”

Last week was already over by this point.

Even watched pots are like, “What the hell is taking so long?”

Anyway, you’ve been warned. Watch at your own risk.