Spring Game Performance Gives Hope for Revival of OSU Passing Game

Ohio State backup quarterback Dwayne Haskins

COLUMBUS, OH – The annual Spring Game produced a whopping 69 total points, 38 by the victorious Scarlet team and 31 by the Gray. Who won the game isn’t all that important. What is important is the showing made by an OSU passing game that disappointed last year. In this game touchdowns were being scored left and right by the members of Zone6.

Eric Glover-Williams had a total of 7 receptions for 64 yards, Johnnie Dixon had 6 receptions for 108 yards, and Terry McLaurin had a total of 4 receptions for 80 yards. K.J. Hill also had a great day with 6 receptions totaling 62 yards.

The Buckeye quarterbacks, J.T. Barrett, Dwayne Haskins, Joe Burrow, and Tate Martell were all finding receivers and getting the ball to them.

For the redshirt freshman Haskins, this utilization of the wide receivers is very welcome.

“It’s exciting having receivers out there like Parris and Terry,” he said. “The receivers that are just going out there and balling, and running screen routes. It’s exciting to see the offense using the weapons we have.”

Haskins said this is not something that is a momentary occurence.

“The direction in the offense is to pass the ball more.”

This should be easy for the Buckeyes to do because of the depth and skill at both quarterback and wideout. Whether today it was a strength of the offense, or just a softness of the defense, Urban Meyer is pleased with how his receivers are looking.

“I saw some guys, some receivers, really step up and make some nice plays,” he said.

The receptions were coming from many different combinations, not just one quarterback and one receiver. Each quarterback did a great job of finding receivers, and a bevy of receivers  got open and made plays.

If the OSU passing game on display in the spring game materializes this fall, the future is bright for the Ohio State offense. With three quarterbacks that look like they can throw it and the number of capable receivers that made catches in the spring game, there’s reason for hope that the passing game will revive, and that will be a very good thing for the OSU offense.