Welcome to Our New Home

Big Ten B1G Ohio Stadium

So, yeah, this is pretty different.

Please get your shoes off the couch.

After years of wanting — and months of working — we are finally able to release our fully redesigned site. We are very happy with it. We hope you will be as well.

Before we start showing you around, we would like to thank our previous site developer Chris Treisch for all of his help over the years. He put in a lot of hours and it has been greatly appreciated.

The site as you see it now is fully operational, but there are bound to be a few kinks that still need to be worked out. We already know of one of them — see if you can find it! But please remain patient as we round this baby into shape.

I guess I could show you around a bit.

As you noticed on the front page, there are four stories at the top of the page. These will always be the four most recent stories that we have posted. Everything will then eventually migrate down the page.

At the top of every page will be your navbar. You can mouse over it at your leisure and see the drop-downs therein. We have put hundreds of hours into creating rosters, player pages, recruiting information, and schedules, as well as bringing content over from the old site.

On the navbar, you’ll notice a menu item titled Hayes & Cannon. This is something that we’ve been wanting to do for a while. Ohio Stadium sits on the corner of Woody Hayes Drive and Cannon Drive. It is where fans gather and tailgate every gameday in the fall, and that’s the idea here (except we do it year-round). Hayes & Cannon is our corner where fans can gather. We will feature a group of writers and podcasters that many of you will recognize from the blog, The Buckeye Battle Cry. We will be folding them into our domain here and we look forward to all that they will bring. Don’t expect a bunch of scarlet-colored-glasses-wearing homers, though. There would be no fun in that. After all, how much of a game do you spend elated, irated, deflated, or inebriated? Hayes & Cannon will be no different.

This will be an area for the voices of Buckeye fans to be heard and read. We’ll have an introductory piece posted shortly so that you can get to know the group a bit better. You’ll be able to access all of their eventual content by clicking on the Hayes & Cannon tab.

And yes, we mentioned podcasts. They are coming. We hope you like to listen to things!

There is another area that we’re excited about, and that’s the final menu item. The Rivalry. That’s right, we have an entire wing of this new site dedicated to Ohio State’s fiercest rival — Penn State.

Nah, you know who I’m talking about. In fact, you can see the countdown to kickoff over to the right. That will be on every page of this website.

The way we figure it, Ohio State vs. Michigan is the best thing in sports, so why not cover it just a little bit (a lot bit) more than we already do — and nobody covers the rivalry like we have for well over a decade now. Plans are already in the works for Michigan Mondays to start this next week and then continue until at least December.

They say keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. How much more will we do on this front? Tough to say, but the one thing the internet is lacking these days is trolling, and maybe we can do something to remedy that.

You will also notice Forums in the navbar. With the new site comes new message boards. The drop-down gives you the option of going to the new forums under Forums List, or the old forums under Legacy Forum. You will need to create a new account in the forums in order to post.

While you’re looking around, please also Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter over on the right if you haven’t already done so.

This is a pretty big deal for us. We hope it’s a big deal for you.

Thanks for sticking with us these last 21 years. Here’s to 21 more.

16 Responses

  1. Very nice update. Been lurking since 1997. Time and change….

  2. Please do not get enamored with “podcasts”. I used to enjoy READING Sports illustrated’s site. They went from a great mag to a third class sports TV outlet. Stewart Mandel has almost disappeared as a writer and he is not very good as a talking head.

  3. Great look, Tony! love the new layout! Very inclusive, and convenient. Congratulations on a significant upgrade. I thinks it’s safe to say, your mission for this site has been impressively accomplished.

    1. Thanks all for the feedback. Especially the good feedback. LOL

        1. Springing forward strikes again! Hopefully it catches up when we fall back? I don’t know good math.

  4. Wow! Great job! I am very impressed with the redesign!

    1. I’m sure using a third party product will benefit you long term, once the transition is done.

  5. Very nice! Quite a difference! Are you using a third-party product for the site , or is this still custom developed? I

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