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Accost the Field: Episode 1

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I told you I would eventually start up a podcast, so this is the very first episode of Accost the Field. Maybe it should have been a first draft, but I’ve never really been a guy who does drafts. Like I always say, if it’s not good enough the first time, it’s not my fault the consumer started out with such high expectations. We will still work on improving and tweaking and fixing it, however, because I’m nothing if not a perfectionist.

I know some podcasts give you a minute-by-minute rundown of the discussion, but that would require me to listen to the show and jot everything down. You know me well enough to know that I ain’t doing that. Instead, I can give you a general recollection of what was talked about.

General Recollection

+ Introduction where I tell you that I don’t know what I’m doing.

+ Talked about the redesign and the plans for more podcasts and such.

+ Behind the scenes at an Ohio State practice.

+ Kevin Wilson being the best hire of Urban Meyer’s career.

+ Wilson’s impact — being smart with tempo.

+ Marcus Hooker’s commitment.

+ Something about J.T. Barrett I assume.

+ J.K. Dobbins over Demario McCall?

+ Chase Young being noticeable immediately.

+ Injury updates.

+ Beach life.

+ Position battles.

+ Urban Meyer’s love of this freshman class.

+ Ohio State’s focus on recruiting and life after football.

+ Senior leadership.

+ Johnnie Dixon.

+ Questions from readers and Tweeters. (We ran out of time before we got to the majority of these, so we’ll get them next time, whenever that might be.)

+ How many more titles would Ohio State have won had Tim Beck not been hired.

+ Other stuff.

We’ll eventually have a set day for these once the season gets underway, if not sooner.

Lastly, a special thanks to former Buckeye Jordan Hoewischer for coming up with the name for the podcast, which is much better than the “Tony Gerdeman’s Podcast” that I was leaning towards way back when.


4 Responses

  1. Podcast sound quality is bad. Lots of noise and the voices are not clear.

    1. Yep. Thanks. We’re addressing it.

  2. Two more titles had Beck not been hired PROVIDED someone closer to Tom Herman or Kevin Wilson quality could have been. I’ve heard Lincoln Riley was in the mix, how interesting it might have been had the Buckeyes gotten him back then? Good SKILL to you in this newfangled pod-cast-thingie, Gerd! hehe

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