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Accost the Field: Episode 2 — Pop-Tarts or Toaster Strudel

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The second episode of Accost the Field is way better than the first probably. If you missed the first episode and don’t have any idea what this is, it’s my podcast. It’s a very modest endeavor, but it will get less humble by the episode.

In this week’s edition, I honestly don’t remember a whole bunch of what we talked about. It was a three-beer show for me and a lot has happened since then. I do, however, still have my show prep notes, which at least tells me what I meant to talk about.

By the way, we are working on other avenues for distribution, including iTunes. That should be happening soon.

General Recollection

+ We started off talking about the basketball team and the Evening with Chris Holtmann.

+ I think Jaquan Lyle was discussed, as was the desire of his teammates not to have him on the team ever again.

+ We talked about Ohio State opening up at No. 2 in the Coaches Poll.

+ We then spent a good deal of time on the Buckeye receivers, such as Johnnie Dixon nearly quitting football and the two reasons why he didn’t.

+ Buckeyes throwing shade at Ed Warinner?

+ The nuances of throwing with tempo and without it.

+ Any concern about egos on the defensive line getting in the way of everyone’s happiness.

+ Do people need to get off of J.T. Barrett’s back?

+ And still more stuff. We answered the questions we didn’t get to last week, which means there will be a request for more questions to come. You can add them here to the comments below if you like. Or you can email me or hit me up on Twitter.

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  1. Do those people like to have other people on their backs? I doubt it, so please stay off J T Barrett’s back! Let’s get positive with him! After all, when he had that great line back in his first year at QB, look at what he did!! All sorts of records, mostly Buckeye records, but a couple BIG records as well! So come on, give JT a Break, he’s a great QB, but can’t do it all by himself! GO JT AND THE BUCKEYES!!

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