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The Sons Of Schmidt: Episode 4

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The pads are on and there is contact! That means the Ohio State Buckeyes are over a week into answering the lingering questions for the 2017 season. And The Sons of Schmidt has Episode 4 of their second season here to help address and answer questions about this year’s team.

You simply can not talk about the 2017 Buckeyes without talking about the splash and impact this year’s true freshmen are having in camp. It seems like J.K. Dobbins has been the topic of discussion everywhere, so we start this week off looking at his performance so far, along with some of the other big-name freshmen like Chase Young. Brandon and Mike get right to it — is it time to buy into the J.K. Dobbins hype?

In the second segment of the show, the SoS guys review some of the headlines and sound bites we have gotten thanks to our wonderful editor, Tony Gerdeman, and from the Big Ten Network’s Bus Tour stop in Columbus. We’ve all heard it, was Greg Schiano telling the truth about this being the best defensive line he’s ever coached? What about the players that are being noticed by their teammates? Who is having a great camp so far?

In a surprise look ahead, segment three addresses the report this week that Ohio State could have a mass exodus of underclassmen after 2017. There was one report that as many as 12 underclassmen could be leaving, and Brandon gives you the lowdown on if that is a real possibility.

Then Mike and Brandon wrap up the show answering a couple of questions from the listeners of the show, where they talk about the trap that could be opening with Indiana, any lingering effects from the dreadful performance in last season’s Fiesta Bowl, and where does Urban Meyer end his career on the list of All-Time Greatest Coaches.

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The Breakdown

0:49 – The Opening

3:54 – 1st Quarter – The reoccurrence that is J.K. Dobbins and the Ohio State freshmen in camp

16:08 – 2nd Quarter – News and thoughts from the Buckeye coaches and player interviews

32:17 – 3rd Quarter – Ohio State underclassmen going into the NFL?

40:24 – 4th Quarter – Questions from you, the listeners

53:38 – The Closing

4 Responses

  1. Dobbins will get looks. He will probably have a small package and will come in for a series or two but Weber is the starter. Just my opinion.

  2. Mike Weber will get his fair share of touches this year, no matter how much Dobbins impresses. While Weber didn’t ground out the yards late in the season, his pivotal power runs in close games toward the back end of the season last year won us games. As Woody said when it comes to running backs, “It’s good to have a pair and a spare!”

  3. Hey Don, thanks for listening first off. Neither Brandon or I think J.K. will supplant Weber this season as the #1 back. We both see him as the #2 guy, who will get the carries while giving Weber a break, or in certain packages. We both think, as we mentioned, that Weber will leave after this season, and Dobbins will be the feature back heading into 2018 fall camp. Personally, I am a HUGE Mike Weber fan, and have been on his train for a long time, as Brandon eludes to from time to time on the show. Believe me, no one is taking anything away from Weber, I was just asking if it is time to buy into the hype from camp about J.K. Dobbins being a future All-American and #1 back.

  4. I kind of disagree with J K Dobbins getting top billing. Mike Weber deserves to be the starter with J K being a backup! After all, Mike in his first start as a red-shirt Freshman, ran for over 1,000 yards. I’d say that was pretty good considering there was only one other Freshman who did that! If Weber doesn’t live up the that starting position, then J K and even the next in line should get that opportunity. BUT, DON’T WRITE OFF MIKE WEBER YET!

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