Two-Minute Drill: Urban Meyer Post-Practice Updates Aug. 7, 2017

Urban Meyer Ohio State Football

Urban Meyer spoke with the media early Monday afternoon following Buckeye football practice. He provided plenty of updates on his Ohio State football team. Here are the highlights.

+ Meyer said it’s too early to say how many freshmen will play this season. “This is one of the better classes we’ve ever had.”

+ Defensive tackle Michael Hill will be suspended for the first few games this season. At least the opener. Meyer hasn’t decided how long the suspension will be.

+ Mike Weber practiced today. The backups behind him have been playing well. J.K. Dobbins graded a champion in the scrimmage on Saturday.

+ Tate Martell matured over the summer and has had two very good weeks. Meyer mentioned his professionalism. The backup job is still open.

+ The chemistry of the offensive staff room is great. The offensive line play has been great as well in camp.

+ The right guard is between Matt Burrell and Malcolm Pridgeon and Demetrius Knox. Branden Bowen has been playing well too.

+ Tracy Sprinkle, Robert Landers, Haskell Garrett, and Davon Hamilton will step in for Michael Hill.

+ Johnnie Dixon is close to being named a starter. “He had a really good day today.”

+ There have been misses on the offensive line in recruiting, so they have re-evaluated how they go about what they do. They don’t necessarily go after the low-hanging fruit. They look harder at guys now. “It’s a problem.”

+ Rashod Berry has been playing well at tight end. He has matured. His family should be proud. He should play this year.

+ Sophomore Malik Harrison is the fourth man in at linebacker right now.

+ There are certain positions in recruiting that you take no matter what, such as the offensive and defensive lines.

+ Meyer admires Alabama’s consistency. Every school in the country would say that. He’d like to think Ohio State is thought of in those terms, but they haven’t won enough championships right now. The hardest thing to deal with is losing guys early and playing guys before they’re ready, and the sign of a good team is being able to overcome those things.

+ This coaching staff has no egos. He didn’t really know about Kevin Wilson, but he’s been better than he thought he would be. Greg Schiano has been the same.

+ Isaiah Prince is one of the most improved players on the team right now. “He’s a very serious player right now.”