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Accost the Field — Episode 7: Offensive Content

Accost the Field Ohio State Football Podcast Ohio State Podcast

Episode 7 of Accost the Field is titled Offensive Content because much of the talk centered around the Ohio State offense. There was also some discussion on the Buckeye defense, as well as how much control Kevin Wilson actually has in Urban Meyer’s system. There are plenty of other things as well, but I’ll leave that for the rundown.

The Rundown

+ We open the show talking about what everyone else is talking about.

+ Quarterback discussions. Is it time to at least think about somebody else?

+ Would Joe Burrow have come in if he was healthy?

+ Is bad offense a choice?

+ The struggles on defense and how it might be a confidence issue.

+ If players aren’t allowed to be comfortable, why is it okay for coaches?

+ Why playing Army may actually help the defense correct the problems they had against Oklahoma.

+ Twitter and forum questions, including a listener wondering if we should have seen this “rebuilding year” coming.

+ And I assume other stuff that I’m forgetting.

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  1. No offense AND no defense is what will doom this team. Two games, two teams, same horrible pass defense. They will do well against teams that are run-first. Any decent pass offense will wreck this team and the offense can’t keep up. Oklahoma punted ONCE, Tony and Shannon! ONCE! And Oklahoma’s offense is far from the best on the board in college football.

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