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Sons of Schmidt Podcast — Episode Nine: Onward to Army!

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U! G! L! Y! Can The Sons of Schmidt find an Ohio State alibi? It’s time for reflection to figure out what went wrong against Oklahoma for the Buckeyes. Brandon was in Columbus this week to watch the game live, so Mike had to bring in a special guest host this week for episode 9 of The Sons of Schmidt Podcast on the Ozone Radio Network.

The SoS show starts this week taking a high-level look at what went wrong versus the Sooners. There are clearly issues that need to be addressed, from the coaching staff down to who plays. What can be done to address these fatal flaws and can the Buckeyes get them corrected before Big Ten play resumes in a couple weeks?

During the second quarter, the guys look long and hard at the defensive side of the ball. The issue with the defensive backs gets addressed. And there is a call out for a true leader to step up and take over the Silver Bullets, 2017 edition.

For segment three, we do the exact same thing to address the offensive woes that Ohio State seems to be dealing with. Where is Mike Weber? What is going on with the wide receivers? How do you help J.T. Barrett lead this team to another Big Ten Championship?

Like everyone else, in segment four, the Sons put the Oklahoma game to rest and turn their focus to Army. The Knights run an offense that shares common characteristics with Ohio State, but their triple option is an entirely different beast. Should the Buckeyes be on upset alert? We make out predictions for the players of the game and pick winners.

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The Breakdown

0:50 – The Opening

7:16 – 1st Quarter – OU takeaways – Overview of the Buckeyes’ issues from Saturday

25:14 – 2nd Quarter – Silver Bullets and fixing the issues OU exposed

36:14 – 3rd Quarter – Offensive issues and corrections moving forward

51:08 – 4th Quarter – Army Prediction time!

1:01:51– The Final Gun