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Accost the Field — Episode 8: I Am Tough and Forgetful

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After a two-week hiatus, Accost the Field is back with all of the Buckeye talk you can stand to listen to.

In this episode, we touch base on what happened last week at Rutgers and how that pertains to the Buckeyes moving forward. There was plenty of talk about what the players and coaches had to say this week. There is also some Maryland talk and even some basketball discussion. And plenty more.

The Rundown

+ I talk about what I liked from the Rutgers game, including the downfield passing, Demario McCall, Johnnie Dixon, the defensive line, and more.

+ The talk then moves to what I didn’t like, which is basically just the linebackers.

+ Why I am so tough.

+ The long ball is discussed and how tired J.T. Barrett is of talking about it.

+ The Erick Smith Situation.

+ What will the backfield look like with Mike Weber and J.K. Dobbins together and what have the coaches said about it.

+ Talking more about Maryland.

+ Dumb foods like sour cream.

+ Why you should thank Thad Matta and Gene Smith if you get the chance.

+ And other stuff that I am either forgetting or too embarrassed to type out.

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