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Sons of Schmidt — Episode 12: Turtle Power!

Sons of Schmidt Ohio State Football Podcast Ohio State Podcast

For most of us, the only turtles we are familiar with wear various colors of cloth over their eyes, master a martial art, and eat a lot of pizza. But since DJ Durkin left AA and took over at Maryland, he is bent on changing that for the rest of the Big Ten.

This week, the Sons of Schmidt take a look at the upcoming Ohio State – Maryland game and see if there is anything to fear in the turtles.

Mike, Brandon, and Michael take a look both behind the Buckeyes at the Rutgers game, and look ahead to Maryland. How does the offense move forward with Mike Weber and Demario McCall back and getting healthier? How does the Silver Bullet Defense plan for a big-play running back and a third-string quarterback? And what else is on the Sons’ mind this week.

We must apologize for being a day late and all the dollars short. As it turns out, even Mike can make a mistake in post-production and somehow delete his entire recording. And while many of you would probably enjoy the show being that way, we were able to fully recover and move forward.

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