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Sons of Schmidt — Episode 13: Corn!

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No man is left behind…unless that man is our co-host Brandon who ventured off to Columbus this weekend to watch the Buckeyes. But have no fear, Sons of Schmidt fans, your hosts Mike & Michael filled in as valiantly as you would expect. That means Michael brought his A game, much like the Buckeyes did verses Maryland, and Mike was just kind of there, much like Maryland.

Lots of big news this week in the Big Ten. Obviously, the Buckeyes have been building up steam and rolling through opponents as they march to the meat of their schedule. How does Ohio State handle Branden Bowen being done for the year? How impressive was the win over the turtles of Maryland? And just what is targeting? If you haven’t yet, you really need to follow this episode up with reading Tony’s definitive piece on the subject.

For episode 13, the reduced roster of Sons take a look ahead to the children of the corn and Ohio State’s trip to Nebraska. The Huskers, who are reeling this season, have been a pain in the Ohio State side since joining the Big Ten. And no one wants to relive the last trip OSU took to Lincoln.

Have no fear, Brandon’s mom, he will be back next week to help break down the Huskers game.

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