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The Circus Is Over

Let’s just go ahead and put something out there. I despise Penn State, I hate everything about them. I hate the way they idolize Joe Paterno, I hate the way they complain constantly about how the conference is against them, and most of all I hate how relevant they think they are.

It might even be safe to say that I hate Penn State more than I hate Michigan simply because of how arrogant they’ve gotten since the fluke win last season.

It’s really kind of simple, it’s not a “rivalry” thing at all. It’s pure, unadulterated hatred.

In all honesty, it couldn’t be a “rival” thing because there really isn’t a true rival in the Big Ten for Ohio State. Over the past 15 years, the Buckeyes are 13-2 against Michigan and 11-4 against Penn State. When you are 24-6 against your “rivals” it simply turns into just another game on the schedule.

Saturday night is something completely different. It goes outside of the “rivalry” box and turns into a fight. It’s that moment where the smart-ass kid in the back of the classroom says the wrong thing to the kid who outweighs him by 50 pounds. It’s that one swift punch to the jaw where the kid drops and is quiet for the rest of the year. We call that a life-changing event.

It all started almost one year ago today, Ohio State was once again on their way to an easy victory over the helpless Nittany Lions. It was 21-7 at the beginning of the fourth quarter and Ohio State went into cruise-control mode. We all know what happened next, a bunch of lucky bounces went the way of the Nittany Lions and Ohio State left the game with a big…fat…L.

No one will remember OSU’s dominance in the game. The defense holding PSU to under 300 yards of total offense. The Buckeyes out-gaining Penn state by almost 150 yards of offense. No one remembers Ohio State holding Trace McSorley to 154 passing yards on 8 of 23 passing. He wasn’t the only one shut down. Saquon Barkley was held to under 100 yards of total offense and Desean Hamilton was held to one catch. Mismatch nightmare Mike Gesicki led the team with only 46 receiving yards.

The Silver Bullets chewed up the Nittany Lion offense and spit them out like the worthless piece of carcass they are. None of that mattered. Fourth quarter blunder after fourth quarter blunder made all of that irrelevant.

Since that day, Penn State has gone on a run trying to convince everyone how “great” Penn State is. An unranked team that was on the verge of their third loss. A team whose coach was on the hot seat. A team that weeks earlier had lost by 39 points to Michigan. They were now relevant and everyone was being told exactly how relevant they were.

I want you to think about this for a second. Going into the Ohio State game last year Penn State was 4-2 with losses to Pittsburgh and Michigan. Of those four wins, they struggled to beat Temple (7 points) and Minnesota (3 points). This was not a good team. One win changed everyone’s perception. Penn State would not beat another ranked team over their final five regular season games but we were all left debating whether they should make the playoffs. All because of one fluke win.

In the Big Ten championship game, we were all told to ignore the fact that Penn State gave up 31 points and had to come back from a huge deficit against a horrible Badger offense. Keep in mind, this was a Badger offense that had only scored over 31 points in a game three times. Those three times were against Akron, Illinois, and Purdue. Those types of things didn’t matter. Ignore stats and look at the eye candy and tell Penn State they are back!

Against Southern California, we were told to ignore the fact that the 52 points given up were the most USC had scored all season. You see, PSU and USC were in the same boat. They both had taken loss after loss in the beginning of the season before going on a run against weaker competition. The culmination for both was a very fun Rose Bowl with an illusion both teams were unstoppable.

The illusion has carried over to this season. Penn State has faced teams with a combined record of 26-24 on the season. Statistically speaking, the best defense they faced prior to Michigan was Indiana. The same Indiana defense who is giving almost 30 points per game to FBS schools.

After a yearlong magic show, we sit here 12 months later facing one of the biggest games of the season. A chance for revenge. A chance for domination. A chance to punch the loud mouth in the face.

A year ago, Penn State went into the fourth quarter broken and beaten. Fast-forward 364 days later and we had to listen to their coach pretend like he doesn’t know who his team faces on Saturday. We had to listen to a fan base chant “We want Bama”. We can sit here angry. We can sit here disgusted. One thing is for sure — Ohio State started this circus, and on Saturday night, Ohio State needs to end this circus.

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  1. Wow sodium levels are at critical condition.

  2. Jesus, this is just such a garbage post. I was at the game last year, and did OSU outplay PSU overall? I would say so yes. Was the game “fluke?” No.

    OSU benefitted from lots of lucky things in that game as well. PSU actually moved the ball much better in the first quarter than OSU did. PSU fumbled a punt deep in OSU territory which set up OSU’s first score of the game. That fumble completely changed the momentum of the entire first half. And despite that the yardage was actually pretty close at halftime. PSU also had a FG blocked in the first quarter which was the first miss of Tyler Davis career. I think that would classify as a fluke.

    In the 2nd half OSU had one big play with Curtis Samuel and then they didn’t do much else. Barrett was sacked I believe 5 or 6 times in the 2nd half? Was that a fluke? No it wasn’t. I’ll tell you what was though, PSU snapping the ball over the punters head resulting in a safety. Which set up OSU with consistent great field position…which they did absolutely nothing with.

    BTW, PSU had -43 yards on kneel downs and a snap over the punters head with skews the yardage quite a bit. Also, Gesicki was hurt for most of that game which is why his numbers weren’t very good.

    There are also countless important details left out in your biased joke of a post. First of all, they did not struggle to beat Temple. They completely dominated that game and turned the ball over on what actually were pretty crazy plays in the 2nd half that allowed Temple to come back in the game. Secondly, PSU was ravaged with injuries on defense the entire first half of the season. The defense was already rebuilding coming into the year and then had as many as 5-6 starters (and several back ups) out against teams like Pitt, Michigan, Minnesota. Ohio State was the first game of the season where they were healthy on defense.

    Wisconsin had points that came off of turnovers. In fact, their 3rd TD was actually a defensive TD. Wisconsin also had 35 more yards against Ohio State’s defense than they had against PSU’s defense.

    I could make the same comments about Ohio State’s offense that you make about PSU’s defense and make them seem like a horrible team. 14 points against MSU, a defense that PSU torched the following week. 0 points against Clemson who was lit up by Pitt and Virginia Tech.

    And oh yeah, aren’t you the same guy who said PSU’s entire offense would fall apart cause they lost Chris Godwin this preseason? How did that work out?

    1. And one last thing, are you seriously trying to knock Penn State for who they have played? Have you seen Ohio State’s schedule? What defense have they faced? PSU just tore up the #1 ranked defense in the country. OSU struggled to move the ball against Oklahoma who is ranked 85th in the S&P+ defensively and has been torn to shreds by every Big 12 team they have faced.

      And USC went on to smoke Washington in their own house so no they did not benefit from weaker competition.

  3. Let JoePa and JoeShmo have their fun. They only have a few days left to pop off.

    Penn State has won only four Big Ten Championships in 28 years (if you count the one last year). They have won only one major bowl game in the past 20 years (by three points).

    Yes, they are delusional if they think that’s an elite program.

    1. I’m coming to believe that Joe Schmoe is a Jr. high student in the back of his math class typing here, while his teacher thinks he giving him remedial help on missed homework.

    2. And, prior to 2012, Clemson wasn’t anything more than a decent program that won a national championship back when Reagan was president and now they are the second best program in college football. Things can change in a hurry. PSU was an elite program from the late 1960-late1990s and only stopped being elite because Paterno got old and stayed 10 years too long. Penn State has the resources, the recruiting base, the coaching staff, etc. to be an elite program.

      1. You must have missed the score of the Clemson – Syracuse game

  4. So – if you actually researched OSUs games this season, you will find that their opponents also have a record of 26-24 and you lost to the one ranked team you played – in the horseshoe no less. We beat the one ranked team we played. Sounds like apples to apples. Get off your high horse. We’ll see who the better team is in 5 days. #SuccesswithHonor is something a Buckeye wouldn’t know about. #WeAre

    1. Success with honor? What a joke. Success without honor yes, years ago. Ahh, for the glory days of the PSU/Temple game, or Syracuse, or…you get the idea. When Paterno was only 65 and Sandusky was still being covered up. Glory days!

  5. So – if you actually researched OSUs games this season, you will find that their opponents also have a record of 26-24 and you lost to the one ranked team you played – in the horseshoe no less. We beat the one ranked team we played. Sounds like apples to apples. Get off your high horse. We’ll see who the better team is in 5 days. #SuccesswithHonor is something a Buckeye wouldn’t know about. #WeAre

  6. Yup. Cherry pick all the stats you want. Ohio State’s opponents this year also have a 26-24 combined record. Just can’t accept a loss. #SuccesswithHonor is something a Buckeye knows nothing about.

  7. Great article. I couldn’t agree more. Yeah and like Joe Schmoe is your real name. If you’re going to come onto a buckeye board and talk shit at least have the guts to post your real name. You people are so delusional you actually defended paterno and threw a fit when his statue was removed. The guy covered up years of abuse by a pedophile right in your own locker room. NCAA should’ve issued the death penalty. Too bad they were scared to do it. Then they chicken out and remove your sanctions early. Go win the playoff this year assuming you make it. Then you might get the elite label and respect you haven’t had in about two decades.

  8. Very well said. To add to that the nation watched both Clemson and OK pound the Buckeyes 62-16 while PSU was running over a lousy Akron team and Pitt team, while needing last seconds heroics to escape at Iowa. MI is much less the team as last year as the Gerd predicted and other games were much closer than the scoreboard might suggest. On paper, OSU is far more talented top to bottom. PSU had not played a currently ranked team to date, neither has beaten a currently ranked team while OSU lost to one. PSU will come in confident and sky high. Knock them in mouth a few times and when they come back up for the counter, in which they will believe they are the superior, they will realize they are no where near the match. Go Buckeyes. Bonus: I hope that Urban uses “We want ‘Bama'” as bulletin board material.

  9. This revenge game right here is the reason why I am being quiet on Facebook. I spent 5 years of my youth living in PA, so I have roughly 7 (or so) childhood friends on FB who are PSU fans. For the past year they have been talking smack so hard. It doesn’t help that they are Pittsburgh and Philly fans on top of it…

    I stay humble on Facebook. For now. Because I am ready for this “circus” to end. Can’t wait to see the Scarlet and Gray (or with these uniforms, just Gray) put these circus lions back where they belong, under the boot of the Big Ten’s Lion Tamer, Brutus Buckeye!!

    If not, it’s going to be another long year on Facebook…

  10. Sounds like someone is butt hurt. Face it, Ohio State was the team that wasn’t very good last year. PSU beating OSU wasn’t a fluke. PSU’s DL totally whipped OSU’s OL in the 4th quarter. All those 5 star OL for OSU couldn’t keep PSU’s 3 star DL from sacking JT 6 times that night. But, thanks for the article. The more articles like this I see from OSU writers, the more I know PSU is back to being an elite program.

    1. See folks! ^ this guy right here lol

      1. One win does not a dynasty make. Also, even blind squirrels find nuts on occasion.

    2. Joe Schmoe, perhaps you didn’t read that OSU outgained PSU by nearly 150 yards and that’s with a struggling O. Should you know much about B1G FB, you would know that OSU’s O struggled against any team with a pulse of a D, they would go on to score 17 pts. on MSU and 17 pts. on MI and get stuffed by Clemson. So don’t misinterpret PSU sacking a QB way late in the game, when for the most part OSU dominated the entire game and everyone knew including the Dr. Pepper man that OSU would have to throw. FYI, OSU took care of that issue hiring coach Day and long time OC and HC Wilson. So you now claim that PSU is back to being an elite team and PSU’s win not being a fluke, We will have you defend that statement with facts, analyses and logic. Question 1, please share with us how many times in the past ten years teams from a power 5 conference took the lead in the fourth quarter by basically scoring 10 special team points. Question 2, Please share with us all the ranked teams that PSU has first of all played, then beaten to be an elite team? Most elite teams have won major Bowl games and been in the CFB playoffs. Remember, since last year as the combined record of PSU’s opponents are a amazing 26-24. We’ll wait Joe Schmoe.

      1. In answer to question #2, PSU beat OSU and Wisconsin last year- both of those teams finished in the top 10. A better question would be who has OSU beaten this year for them to deserve their ranking? Getting beat by a highly ranked team like Oklahoma doesn’t make OSU a great team.

    3. Of course you’re a PSU guy who uses the expression “butt hurt”. Of course.

      1. You seem to forget that Ohio State scored special teams points as well(2 point safety). At least PSU earned their special teams points by making great plays. PSU gifted OSU with 2 free points(and great field position) on an unforced error. OSU’s offense scored zero points after the 10 minute mark of the 3rd quarter and even their 1 TD in the 2nd half was a 75 yard run by Samuel so it’s not like they drove the length of the field. That is hardly what I call domination. Teams that have the most offensive yards don’t always win the game. I’m sure OSU has won many games over the years despite the other team producing more offensive yards.

      2. I’m glad the clown chimed in, as he serves as a perfect example of the typical Ped State fan. Too many OSU fans throw the word “arrogant” around in describing Ped State and especially UM. The most appropriate word is “delusional” rather than “arrogant”, as “arrogant” usually applies to someone/thing that is actually successful. The UM jokes here are obvious; however, since at least one PSU fan is reading, I’ll dumb it down so he understands. You see, Joe Schmoe, your sad university really shouldn’t even be allowed to FIELD a team. Paterno was a pile of trash, Sandusky was even worse, as were all the insiders who knew about him and kept it quiet. I know, I know, you’ll tell me that twisted old whack job Paterno was innocent and had no idea what was going on- despite the emails to the contrary. Just slide back into your hole, put on your helmet with the tinfoil antenna, and pretend like Jack Ham is still playing.

      3. Joe Schmoe, the debate isn’t over how well PSU played in the fourth against OSU and the debate isn’t over who beat who last year. You seem to be dodging the questions. You said that PSU’s win wasn’t a fluke, many would say not true, OSU, outgained them by 150 yards and PSU got 10 pts. off of special teams in the fourth. That is a fluke, to prove that I asked you to share how many power 5 teams lost a game giving up 10 pts. on Special teams. You said that PSU is elite. Please share with me this year, how many ranked teams you have played and beaten to make you elite? You didn’t. I said facts and analyses. Sorry, but beating 2 ranked teams the year before and losing a bowl game and not playing a ranked team and being 7-0 against teams with a combined record of 26-24 does not make a team elite. So please answer, not your reframed questions, but the questions asked you. We’ll wait.

        1. So, what it really boils down to, is in your opinion, if lowly Penn State scores a win over big bad Ohio State, then it has to be because it was fluke. In your eyes, it could never be because we have good football players as well, perhaps even some better football players at some positions than mighty Ohio State. In your eyes, a PSU victory over OSU could never be because Penn State has a good coaching staff or because they had a good game plan that particular day. This is the definition of arrogant and it is totally pot calling kettle black on your part to claim PSU fans are arrogant.

          1. You continue to dodge questions and change the debate. Why? I never said PSU was lowly. I never said that PSU didn’t have good players or a good coach. I never once said that PSU fans, coaches or players are arrogant. I asked you to defend on how scoring 10 pts. on special teams in the fourth quarter to win a game when being out gained by 150 yards is not considered a fluke and then I asked you to defend what makes PSU an elite team when the combined record of the schools they beat this year was 26-24, and they currently have not beaten a currently ranked team. I added that this elite tam has won no major bowl! Now if they beat OSU on Saturday and win The B1G again and then at least make it to the CFB title game I would call them elite. If they beat OSU Saturday, they then are the better team. Please don’t take it so personal, read closer and use facts and analyses to defend your position and finally don’t put words in my mouth. Thank you!

            1. Teams score special teams points all the time. Are you saying special teams points should not count? I’ll keep that in mind the next time OSU scores a KO return or a punt return for a TD. Teams aren’t awarded wins in football simply because they had more yards or more first downs than the other teams. I’m sure OSU won plenty of games over the years where they wee not the team that had the most yards on offense or did not have the most first downs. You seem to think PSU had all the lucky breaks in last years game. I think OSU had just as many lucky breaks as PSU did. PSU had a chip shot FG blocked on their first possession of the game. PSU fumbled a punt return in the first half and our guy did not fumble because an OSU made some great play. Our guy just fumbled the ball. OSU’s punt returner fumbled an early punt as well but, of course, the ball trickled right into the hands of another OSU player. Not to mention, PSU gifted OSU a free 2 points on a safety(along with great field position that OSU could do nothing with).

              1. Didn’t you know the flukes only count when they go PSU’s way? Also, PSUs strength of schedule makes their success meaningless but OSU is still an amazing team despite their best win being Indiana.

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