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Accost the Field — Episode 11: No Letdowns Here

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Yep, we went and did two episodes this week.

We spent so much time talking about Penn State earlier in the week that we didn’t want to rush through Iowa. We still kind of ended up rushing through Iowa in this show, but what’re ya gonna do?

We have had a request to have a more detailed rundown of the show, but that’s really time consuming. I did it anyway because who needs sleep the night before a road trip to Iowa?

The Rundown

02:00 Buckeye basketball back to St. John?

14:50 Ohio State offered 2018 QB Jarren Williams; Emory Jones situation.

16:00 2018 quarterback situation.

22:40 The drama of recruiting and the coaches who take part.

27:50 Recruiting the right kind of guys.

29:30 The benefit of the December signing period.

30:40 Iowa!

36:30 Dobbins v. Weber and why didn’t Dobbins play more?

40:15 Penn State’s game against Iowa will keep the Buckeyes alert.

42:15 Avoiding a letdown.

45:40 Iowa’s visitor’s locker room. (I don’t know what mauve is.)

46:10 The Kinnick Wave and the Buckeyes.

49:10 Kickoff coverage talk. “It works and it’s proven.”

52:10 Listener questions.

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