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It’s The Day After Sunday Of Rivalry Week: The Signs Are Everywhere

The week before the regular season finale of Buckeye football is loaded with traditions.

There’s Senior Tackle, where for decades now, the graduating football players take one last shot at a blocking sled during practice. The annual leap into the school’s beloved lake is on hiatus this year as it’s rebuilt.

One newer event features TBDBITL visiting the Woody Hayes Athletic Center on Sunday night to let the football players take part in Script Ohio and try their hand at the sousaphone, percussion, and anything else they want.

But the one with the greatest visibility happens later Sunday night, when students obscure the alphabet’s 13th letter on every sign at the flagship branch of Ohio State with a criss-cross of red tape.

There isn’t an official tally of the exact total of letters blocked with tape, but safe to say, it’s a lot.


They took care of business at the Business School.


This was the high score as far as we could tell.


Ahhh, the old sto… walking around heavily… grounds.


Luckily, the forbidden letter does not appear in “Texas Straw Hat.”


The Horseshoe got a visit by the tape crew as well.


Even without the leap this year, the lake was not forgotten.

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  1. Wow, I love telling the kids about Texas Straw Hats! Do they still serve those? Food at their schools is several steps above what I had way back when at OSU. Go Bucks!

  2. And not one 13th letter in the whole article. AWESO*E!!!

    GO BUCKS!!!

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