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Accost the Field — Episode 21: A Fitting End

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On this edition of Accost the Field, we do a little recapping of the Cotton Bowl in terms of the postgame locker room. Why it felt odd, what might it mean, and stuff like that. Then we dive into J.T. Barrett’s legacy. We — myself, Tom Orr, and Shannon Sommers — discuss which departing senior will be the toughest to replace.

We then move on a bit to Michigan football and ask the age old question — is Jim Harbaugh worth it?

This encompasses about an hour of the show before have to move on and touch base quickly on some recruiting stuff and men’s basketball. We then finish with some listener questions.

We probably should have charged double for this one.

The Rundown

+ It’s the 15th anniversary of the 2003 Fiesta Bowl, so what else would we do but talk about our feelings at the exact moment of the fourth-down incompletion to Chris Gamble before the flag came out.

+ Cotton Bowl thoughts and how this was a fitting end to the season.

+ General impressions from the players after the game, including what it might mean for the underclassmen thinking of leaving.

+ J.T. Barrett’s legacy and my theory as to why he is viewed the way he is.

+ General thoughts on the trip to Dallas.

+ Which departing senior will be missed the most.

+ Is Jim Harbaugh worth it?

+ Recruiting, including Tyreke Smith’s upcoming decision and the All-American games this week.

+ A quick touch on the importance of tonight’s basketball game at Iowa.

+ Listener questions: Transfer talk; starting QB in 2018; the defensive ends in 2018; the 10th coach cometh.

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