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Buckeye Sloopcast — S3E44: Expectations

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Jared and Kyle are back discussing the weather and are taking suggestions on a new opener for the show. It’s your time to give your five cents on what you would enjoy.

This is the offseason, which means no rules apply, so why not start with #AskSloopcast questions first.

Will Urban force the read-option onto Haskins?

Is the read-option offense still a viable path to a championship?

Why the read option is super effective… except when it isn’t.

What would Nick Bosa like to see from the #Buckeye Offense?

Which #B1G team makes the biggest jump in 2018?

Is the #B1G West legit good in 2018?

Should Ed Warinner in Ann Arbor concern #BuckeyeNation?

Tyler Friday chooses #OhioState. What it means for #OhioState & TTUN.

Has Christopher Oats fought his way back into #OhioState’s class?

#OhioState tries to address biggest unfulfilled need in the 2018 class.

Walker & Jean-Baptiste visit #OhioState… who will they choose?

Could Ryan Day make a move to the NFL, joining Mike Vrabel?

Why the win over Northwestern is so important for the basketball #Buckeyes.

#OhioState can find a way when Bates-Diop struggles.

Recalibrating expectations for the basketball #Buckeyes

What will #OhioState’s record be for the last 10 games of the regular season?

What are realistic post-season expectations for the basketball #Buckeyes?

Is Michigan actually Iowa?

-Outro Music-

Artist: Devo

Song: Gates of Steel

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