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Accost the Field — Episode 39: Zone 6 and the Rushmen

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In this episode of Accost the Field, the fellas stick to football and talk about all of the latest happenings around the Woody Hayes facility. Interviews with the Ohio State receivers and defensive linemen are the order of the day. Some of the topics include the excitement around the football program for the defensive ends; can another receiver break into the rotation; and what does Ryan Day’s involvement with the receivers mean for the Buckeyes this year. Those topics and much, much more, including listener questions and the return of the Hype Train.

The Rundown

+ Banter.

+ The excitement of the defensive ends.

+ How good can Nick Bosa and Chase Young be this year?

+ Is the talent better at defensive end this year than it was last year?

+ The move of Jashon Cornell to defensive end.

+ How will the Big Ten handle the OSU DEs?

+ Go ahead and double Nick Bosa and see how that goes for you.

+ Can you have a “Thunder and Lightning” at nose tackle?

+ Feeling pretty good about Robert Landers and Davon Hamilton at nose tackle.

+ How do you keep all of the defensive tackles involved?

+ Can another receiver break into the rotation?

+ What about Jaylen Harris?

+ Is it time to cut back on the substitution patterns at receiver?

+ The lack of consistency in a rotation is an issue, but it’s not the rotation’s fault.

+ An X receiver needs to make a jump this year.

+ November always causes passing numbers to drop under Urban Meyer, so maybe we shouldn’t be blaming the receivers?

+ Why is Ryan Day involved with the receivers?

+ Austin Mack’s mirroring of Michael Thomas.

+ What could we see from Ellijah Gardiner this year?

+ Let’s add two cars to the Hype Train.

+ Let’s name some Buckeyes who could emerge as All-Big Ten players this year.

+ Mt. Rushmore of Ohio State football jersey numbers.

+ Listener questions.

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