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Silver Bullets Podcast: Spring Recap

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Shannon Sommers and Chip Minnich get together to recap the Ohio State Football Spring Game.

They discuss what caught their eye, thoughts on a four-man rotation at cornerback, the offensive line, and some quarterback talk since it’s a pretty popular topic these days.

Also, how does the announcement of Mathew Burrell transferring affect the Buckeye offensive line.

There is also a discussion about what effect picking Joe Burrow or Dwayne Haskins as the starter could have on the Buckeyes long term.

Then talks turn toward the NCAA’s approval for changing the kickoff rule and how this will affect the Buckeyes.

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2 Responses

  1. Labeling someone an idiot for making an educated observation comes off as juvenile. Haskins looks like a fine prospect, and was definitely ahead of Joe Burrow following his play in a nail biting situation.

    His opportunity wasn,t entirely due to Burrow,s injury. But that was a factor. You dont miss most of a football season and step in as if you never left. There,s been so much hype from the media on this, an most of it anointing Haskins a super bowl mvp.

    We went thru this with Jones an Barrett. Jones never had a chance, even after delivering the goods that the crowd favorite never did. And I,m not sure ever could have. None of us armchairs know half of what the entire situation inside the Hayes.

    Joe Burrow looked different to me, not his playing ability but his physical appearance. Like he,d grown into his body. Upperclassman gain value physically an mentally. Myself I hope we get to see were Burrow is in his game before he,s cast off do to media generated hype thats amped up the fan noise.

    My guess is Meyer,s working overtime to keep them both here. I hope we get to see Burrow when the lights come on. Tough call for them, If one walks and the other struggles, its a team effect.

    Be careful who your so quik to castoff not knowing all the facts. Don,t get salty whichever player walks out there in Sept. If it were so cut and dried at this point, The people with the facts would have told you. A few other Bucks media outlets have created some non existent weaknesses on Burrow in my (opinion), Who it may seem I favor. Not the case, I don,t like bias nor people who are loud and wrong. I want the Ohio State Buckeyes to rule the world!
    Ask me in Vegas…. Its Burrow

  2. You guys are idiots if you think Burrow is better than Haskins. Look at when Haskins played and when Burrow played. Haskins got more meaningful game reps as a redshirt FRH, not to mention his performance during The Game. Burrow wasn’t injured when the played ttun. Haskins was and is just better.

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