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Accost the Field — Could the Passing Game Be an Issue This Year?

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In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Crybaby Nut look back on the Buckeyes and the NFL Draft. Were there any reaches? Any surprises? Then they move to the undrafted Buckeyes, specifically J.T. Barrett and his fit in New Orleans. They also wonder why Michigan fans would make fun of Barrett for not getting drafted when he was still good enough to never lose to them.

Superfans are discussed, as is Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson. They talk about the commitments in the last week for the Buckeyes, discuss some over/unders on Big Ten win-loss totals from Vegas, and close with a review of episode four of ‘All or Nothing’ and some listener questions.

The Rundown

+ Was Denzel Ward a reach at No. 4 to the Browns?

+ Why did the Browns take Denzel Ward?

+ Was Jerome Baker a surprise in the third round?

+ Will Jerome Baker return to form now that he is reunited with Raekwon McMillan.

+ Who surprised us with their draft positions and landing spots?

+ Why did Sam Hubbard slide?

+ J.T. Barrett is better than Drew Brees and now he’ll show it in the NFL too.

+ Michigan fans making fun of J.T. Barrett for not getting drafted is hilarious.

+ Let’s not act like Michigan has been cranking out NFL quarterbacks of late.

+ A quick look at Shea Patterson.

+ When Ohio State and Michigan meet in November, it’s still going to come down to running the ball.

+ If you don’t think J.T. Barrett has been a luxury for the Buckeyes, go watch the Michigan quarterbacks.

+ Let’s slow down on the Chase Young hype for now.

+ The Superfan discussion.

+ Was this the straw that breaks the superfancamel’s back?

+ In defense of the Superfans.

+ Take the power back from the Superfans.

+ The Ohio State Superfan Persona Generator.

+ What are the appropriate behaviors of worth superfan ambassadors.

+ The commitment of Maryland safety Bryson Shaw.

+ He’s only a 3-star guy, so there’s a concern there, right?

+ The commitment of Ohio linebacker Cade Stover.

+ His video was the most B1G commitment video ever.

+ The commitment of Texas wide receiver Garrett Wilson.

+ Garrett Wilson is dynamic, electric, and could help immediately. Eventually.

+ Is Ohio State getting something started in Texas once again?

+ The Big Ten win totals have come out, so we talk about the over/unders and what we feel good about.

+ More Shea Patterson talk now that he is immediately eligible!

+ “There is not a team Michigan will play this year that will have both a better QB and defense than the Wolverines.”

+ Do we buy this statement?

+ A review of Episode 4 of Michigan’s Amazon Prime show ‘All or Nothing.’

+ We feel bad for John O’Korn.

+ Why was Michigan’s offensive game plan relying on “O’Korn Magic?”

+ Jim Harbaugh after a loss is uncomfortable.

+ If losing sticks with Jim Harbaugh as much as it looks like, how much more can he stand?

+ Michigan’s offensive coordinators don’t want to spook Jim Harbaugh by telling him that their quarterback is spooked.

+ Listener questions.

+ Who are the Big Ten East favorites?

+ Should people be more concerned about Ohio State’s passing game with so many parts up front being replaced?

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