Turns Out, Ohio State’s 2014 Team Was Pretty Talented

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With the 2018 NFL Draft and free agent signings in the rear-view mirror, the Ohio State Football Twitter account put out a video detailing just how many of the 2014 National Champion Buckeyes have gotten a shot in the NFL. The number is pretty staggering.

The more amazing thing is that the number is going to grow even larger after the 2018 season.

The Buckeyes currently have seven fifth-year seniors who were on that 2014 team.

Receivers Parris Campbell, Johnnie Dixon, and Terry McLaurin were just true freshmen.

Offensive linemen Demetrius Knox and Brady Taylor were there as well, redshirting in preparation for a future role.

Two players who saw action that year as true freshmen were linebacker Dante Booker and kicker Sean Nuernberger. Both redshirted later on down the road, but could see their way to the next level in the spring of 2019.

Anway, it’s pretty impressive and you should definitely check out how Ohio State has decided to send this message, which is designed to impress recruits, but should impress anybody who watches it.


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  1. totally agree–the 2015 msu loss was inexcusable and that team woulda crushed in the playoffs on the way to a repeat national title

  2. Failing to repeat in 2015 was just a shame…and it wasn’t due to a rash of injuries or something like that which makes it even worse. We were pretty much full go all season with by far the best CFB team in a decade. Frankly speaking, we were position to be the next Alabama or at least a formidable rival. But it was not to be… Bama has since asserted and re-asserted its dominance with Dabo & Clemson having waxed us twice, won their own National, and clearly positioned as 1B to Alabama’s 1A. We could again climb that mountain, but eras like this can’t be taken for granted… we may end up having actually underachieved under Meyer if we don’t win another National Title.

    1. CEI Neyer and Ed Warinner were the cause for a no repeat. Probably the worst game planning in a decade was called for MSU. It is still unforgivable having the best running back in all of college football, and who was one of the premier reasons they one the title in 2014………..sitting on h8is backside and ignored by his head coach. Everyone knew he was going to do nothing but try to promote JT Barrett, and it was a STUPID idea.

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