Bill Davis Looking Forward to Having Dante Booker Back on the Field

Dante Booker vs Maryland Ohio State Football

This spring, the Buckeyes rotated their linebackers quite a bit looking to find their best three.

With starting middle linebacker Tuf Borland out, however, the situation was pretty fluid. Also missing was fifth-year senior Dante Booker, who was recovering from shoulder surgery.

While much of the attention has been placed on the linebackers who have yet to start a game, Booker remained in the background this spring recovering from injury. Despite the lack of attention, Booker has no intention of giving up a starting job that he has won two different times.

And he could be as healthy as he has been in years.

“Dante will be back from his injury sometime late in the summer and we’re excited about him coming back and being a big part of our defense,” Ohio State linebackers coach Bill Davis said this spring.

With players like Baron Browning, Malik Harrison, Keandre Jones, and Pete Werner getting all of the reps and most of the attention, some people may be overlooking what Booker could contribute.

The Buckeye coaches, however, have done no such thing.

“There was a report a little while ago that was a false report, but right now, Dante Booker is 100 percent in our plans,” Davis said. “He had some bad shoulders and he got them fixed and it’s a great thing, it’s a positive. He’s got some time in the system, so the reps, although they hurt, he’ll be fine when we’re ready to go and we’re excited about Dante.”

As a junior in 2016, Booker won the job at Will, but was lost almost immediately to injury. Last season, he won the job at Sam, but again eventually succumbed to injury.

Now will be his third attempt at winning a job and staying healthy. He has missed reps in both the fall and spring, but being around for five years now, he’s not exactly unsure of his assignments.

At a position without much of a veteran presence, Dante Booker has plenty to offer the entire linebacker position.

And he will get his first crack at making that happen on the outside.

“Dante will be an outside ‘backer,” Davis said. “He’ll come in and we’ll get through his getting back in off of his injuries. He’s missed a lot of reps and he’ll come in and he’ll scrap it out for an outside ‘backer spot. Could be the Sam, could be the Will.”

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  1. Booker was not injured all year. Thus far he has been a let down given his lofty expectations. I believe he can turn it around.

    1. I never said he was injured all year…Give the guy a break, he has endured two shoulder surgeries, and he doesn;t play WR, he is LB that has to HIT with his shoulders. Reports have indicated that his prognosis is that he is close to 100%, and with that beind said we should get the REAL Booker this year. Lets pray for the poor guy….

  2. There was a time when Booker was thought to be the next great LB at OSU…last year he did not measure up to that billing whatsoever. That said, the entire LB corps suffered in Fickell’s absence so hopefully that underwhelming performance can be written off to that and this year will be the turnaround year for Booker and the entire corps. All the LBs get a pass for last year. However, there should be a very short leash this year.

    1. Booker was injured dude….And in regards to Fickell, I thank God everyday I dont have to see that mouth breathing, gum-chewing Tresselite on our sidelines ever again.

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