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The Buckeye SloopCast: S4E22 — Son of a SloopCast!

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In this episode of the Buckeye SloopCast, Jared is joined by Mike Meals of Sons of Schmidt fame. They look at the different ways they would fix this Ohio State football team. Talk also involves the Buckeye running backs, who are not blameless in the offense’s struggles. Speaking of blame, who is the scapegoat this year? Plenty of other questions are addressed as well. You can bet they’re the same questions you have. Give it a listen, just be sure to stay off of Jared and Mike’s lawn while you’re at it.

The Rundown

With special guest host Mike Meals (Twitter: @MMeals, @SonsOfSchmidt)

The importance of childhood fandom

Top 3 things that can be done to “fix” the #Buckeyes?

How does Urban & Stud fix the OLine?

How much blame should the RBs get for the running game failures?

#BuckeyeNation’s scapegoat, who has really earned it

Does this team lack leadership?

Is putting the LBs on the LOS ever a good idea?

Are the players focused elsewhere?

Why we hate alt-jerseys and players who skip bowls

Should #OhioState abandon or fix the read-option?

How does one go “under center”?

The problem with halftime adjustments

#OhioState, as they are right now, will lose to Michigan

Pour one out for Four String Brewing

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Twenty One Pilots

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