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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Talking the McMurphy Exposé

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In this episode, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr talk Ohio State football. The show opens with a discussion of Brett McMurphy’s quickly-refuted story about Urban Meyer covering up racism in the OSU football program. Eventually, the talk turns to football and the Buckeyes’ upcoming game at Maryland. Listener questions then end the show.

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The Rundown

+ There is always something going on at Ohio State.

+ Let’s get started.

+ But first, let’s go back to Sunday and Zach Smith’s Twitter account.

+ First thoughts upon reading Brett McMurphy’s story.

+ #NothingBurger

+ There’s no “there” there.

+ McMurphy’s original tweet is targeted at Urban Meyer even though the story is supposedly about the transfer of Trevon Grimes.

+ This was a story about McMurphy, not Ohio State.

+ Who cares why one particular player transfers when it happens 50 times a year in each conference?

+ How did this get okayed to be published?

+ McMurphy was on Columbus radio defending the article.

+ This wasn’t reporting, it was choose your own adventure.

+ “I’m not saying this happened, I’m saying people are saying it happened.”

+ Ohio State’s unified response was impressive.

+ Urban Meyer went scorched earth on the B1G teleconference about this story.

+ McMurphy’s huge gotcha! wasn’t much of a gotcha.

+ Meyer may look into legal action, but we doubt it.

+ The legal standard for libel.

+ Was McMurphy malicious?

+ McMurphy said he wouldn’t have reported this if Meyer was no longer the head coach.

+ Why?

+ And then going after Grimes’ mother, what the hell?

+ He doesn’t care about the path of destruction left behind.

+ Even Michigan fans are put off by this report.

+ “What is the truth? It depends on whom you ask.”

+ Trash.

+ McMurphy discredits his story throughout and still wanted to publish it for some reason.

+ Trevon Grimes didn’t deny that it happened and didn’t deny that it didn’t happen, which was license to run free with it.

+ This isn’t written as a factual story, it’s written as a search for truth knowing that lies are being told.

+ If this galvanizes Ohio State to a national title, then send Brett McMurphy a ring.

+ Let’s talk Maryland.

+ Maryland’s press box food memories.

+ Taco meat for breakfast?

+ Tom thinks all free food is good food.

+ Facing Tyrrell Pigrome instead of Kasim Hill at QB.

+ Pigrome has played well at times.

+ This is an average Maryland offense with big-play talent.

+ It’s good that OSU has figured out the safety problems now with this game on deck.

+ This will be an interesting game for the OSU linebackers.

+ Maryland always has good skill players who make defenders miss.

+ Breaking News: OSU is wearing throwbacks for the Michigan game.

+ These should always be the home jerseys.

+ You better get off of Tom’s lawn.

+ He means it.

+ We just want to play football on it for a bit.

+ It’s still a hard no.

+ What do we know about the Maryland defense?

+ “Remarkably average.”

+ The Buckeyes should be able to run the ball.

+ Listener Questions.

+ Will the Buckeyes be focused on Maryland or will they be looking ahead to Michigan?

+ This is a sandwich game, and not in a good way.

+ Why whey need to look ahead to a team that they have dominated?

+ Tony doesn’t know how to write questions?

+ Is it a coincidence that Dwayne Haskins is running harder now that he is losing snaps to Tate Martell?

+ Haskins definitely hears people talking about his lack of running ability and toughness.

+ Was Binjimen Victor’s game against Penn State his Noah Brown OU game? Which means we shouldn’t expect anything like that again.

+ Can Gene Smith pull OSU from ESPN broadcasts?

+ Why should Buckeye fans be afraid of Michigan’s defense if it’s exactly the same as it was last year?

+ Which would be better for OSU: an improved running game against UM or an improved run defense?

+ Thanks for the ratings and reviews. Keep ’em coming.

+ It’s the only thing that gives Tony any self worth.

+ Plus it only takes like two or three minutes.

+ The next time we talk to you will be Michigan Week.

+ Bonus gift for when you’re in Michigan State’s press box.

+ Tom bleeped himself for the kids.

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