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Don’t Expect Buckeye Fans To Sing A Different Tune on Saturday

Ohio State Michigan Tunnel Of Pride 2014

We have seen Ohio State dominate parts of games this year and we have also seen them get punched in the mouth.

Don’t get it wrong though, this is still one of the most talented teams Ohio State has ever assembled.

Give me this passing offense any season and I’ll take it. The D-line has been solid even without Nick Bosa. But there have been struggles, such as defending the running game and the play in the secondary.

A key thing to look at, which we have been saying for a while, is to look at the combined running game for the Buckeyes. JK Weber has over 1,600 yards rushing this season with at least one game left.

Damn solid year overall for the Buckeyes offense. The growth of Zone 6 is another huge step. Even the tight ends have made appearances and impacts, as they did in the Maryland game.

For Ohio State to move on and to make the playoffs, the defense needs to play respectable ball. The offense should have some success against Michigan, but the Silver Bullets need to return and make an impact.

The playoffs shouldn’t be the goal right now, however. Beating Michigan should be. When that’s done, the goal is beating Northwestern. Many other things have to happen after that, but they will.

Whole schemes and packages need to be re-evaluated. Having linebackers stay home would help. I don’t expect a miracle, just an improvement.

State the most important aspect of this game, and it probably comes down to the OSU defensive coaches putting their players in positions to succeed. And keep in mind, there are people here familiar with the way Michigan’s OL is going to play. Ya know…with that whole “our old coach is their coach now” thing.

Of course, the overall game plan won’t be Ed Warinner’s, but he will be playing an important role. Just like he knows the OSU defense and will be contributing that info to Michigan’s defense

Michigan is playing the best football they’ve played heading into The Game since, really, before Jim Tressel took over. And they’re pissed and looking for revenge.

We’re coming into this game not just chasing our CFP goals, but as an underdog. Ohio State can not only win The Game, win the division, and play for a B1G crown, but they can do something even more special than that — ruin yet another Michigan season.

From someone who grew up during the Cooper years but got to enjoy the Tressel and Meyer years, there’s nothing I enjoy more than ruining Michigan’s year.

Ohio State dominating The Game recently seems to have taken some luster off of the rivalry. Seeing the Wolverines and their fans feeling their oats, however, should remind everyone how necessary this win is. The underdog card will help. The disrespect will help, and ultimately I expect the Buckeyes to play their best game of the year.

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  1. OSU wil win and the tsun fans will blame the refs as usual. The weather will play a part in this game. So who will be the guest picker on game day?

    1. The Northern Trailer Trash blaming the refs is what’s funny. That team has gotten away with more holding by the offensive line, more holding and interference from their secondary than ANY team I’ve ever wasted time going through their previous games. Even in that Notre Dame game refs looked the other way for at least half the game.

      Even if the refs let them get away with obvious penalties like they have all year, the Buckeyes will still win.

  2. The Buckeyes will beat TTUN this Saturday on a rain soaked field. It won’t always be pretty and there will be plenty of hand wringing and hair pulling before the end. But it’s inevitable none the less.

    Buckeyes 42
    Trailer Trash 24

    1. Appreciate your thoughts if what u say holds I would wager that were in. OK wont beat WVU twice, GA wont beat Bama, LSU, WSU and UCF will be jumped.

      1. It would take a massive catastrophic top 5 team meltdown between now and selection day, and even that isn’t going to be enough.

        Beat the Trailer Trash, Beat North Western, and beat whoever in the Rose Bowl like the gnat you finally get with the newspaper.

        1. James, it will either be Wazzu or Utah. I like our chances against either.

  3. Denial isn’t healthy. You are forgetting a major part of the equation. The guy that sets the tone, the head coach is s shell of himself.

    This isn’t going to go well.

    1. Are u talking JH or UM? JH will lose his head., his D will lose their head first, recall 2016 temper tantrum. UMs passion led OSU to basically dominate MD the last 40 minutes.

  4. Hate to bust yer Scarlet-and-Grey bubble, but the only way this team makes the playoff is a 2007-style disaster of a season’s end. While possible, it ain’t likely.
    Take care of TTUN and Northwestern and enjoy the Rose Bowl. Not a bad year at all.

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