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The Sons of Schmidt S3E14: Nerdwestern

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The celebration following Ohio State’s B1G win in The Game may be slowing down, but the celebration of Sons of Schmidt Thursday is just getting started!

To start this week’s show, Brandon Zimmerman and Mike Meals recap their visit to Columbus and the Hayes & Cannon/Ozone Staff meeting. We had a winner Friday night, and it wasn’t anyone you’d assume would beat us all at Top Golf.

For the first segment, The Sons recap The Game. The Buckeyes earned another pair of Gold Pants this week. That is a special tradition for The Sons, as the show is named after Francis Schmidt, the father of the Gold Pants at OSU.

There were plenty of great moments and performances to talk about from Saturday. Ohio State finally lived up to the hype that has been on this team for the entire season.

The Big Ten Championship Game looms next for the Bucks. And the guys look forward to Northwestern. The Wildcats come in 8-1 in conference, and they field a much better team than the record shows.

Brandon’s Son of a Schmidt! this week finally looks at the College Football Playoff Rankings.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Go Bucks! OH!

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