Your First Glimpse At The Buckeyes’ Rose Bowl Uniforms

Ohio State Football 2019 Rose Bowl Uniform

The Buckeyes are headed back to Pasadena, and they’re apparently packing their normal uniforms for the trip.

The Ohio State football social media account tweeted out a teaser shot of the uniforms the Bucks will wear for the 2019 Rose Bowl.

The center of the picture shows a circular Rose Bowl patch on the upper left section of the chest, just above the heart.

However, in the corner, you can also see the black, white, and scarlet stripes of what has served as the team’s base uniform this season.

It will be the first time OSU has worn scarlet in Pasadena since the 1980 Rose Bowl. The Buckeyes lost that game, 17-16, their only loss of the year.

They wore their traditional road whites in the 2010, 1997, and 1985 Rose Bowls.

There were rumors that the Buckeyes were going to wear their alternate jerseys with the gray shoulder stripes and black numbers on the shoulders for the Michigan game, but those proved to be untrue.

The only time they wore alternate jerseys this season was when the team had all-black uniforms for the Nebraska game.

It’s not clear if they will go with their traditional helmets for the Rose Bowl, or with something else.

Odds are, they’ll go with the usual jersey and traditional helmet. That would mirror the look the team wore when Urban Meyer was a graduate assistant with the program in 1986 and 1987.

With this being his final game as OSU head coach, it would be a fitting look in which for his team to send him out.

If they did change up the helmets, it wouldn’t be the first time it happened.

The Buckeyes opted for the mix-and-match route in the 2016 Michigan game, pairing the gray-striped jerseys with the all-black “Cannonball” helmets that they previously wore with the Chic Harley throwback jerseys.

You can see the original tweet from the OSU football program about the Rose Bowl jersey below.

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  1. Could someone define “traditional OSU uniforms” to me? Are you seeking the leather helmets era or the era with the awful helmets that had baseball size buckeye leaves on them? Or just what you’re used to? Maybe we should go back to using VHS tapes too? Since tradition supercedes any form of change even if it’s for the better. Ask Toys R Us how refusing to accept change worked out for them.

  2. I thought the roadies worn vs ttun last year were aweome. Add a little more scarlet and make them the permanent away uniforms.

    1. The world needs ditch diggers too, Kevin… (thank you to “Caddyshack”)

  3. I love that they’re using the red home jerseys at the Rose Bowl (and the standard uniform). They will look perfect against the beautiful green turf of the Rose Bowl. This is a historic Rose Bowl appearance for OSU-UW so the Buckeyes want to look their absolute best representing the Big 10 as champions (something which Michigan could never seem to do against Washington) in the best venue in all of college football. Can hardly wait for the matchup.

  4. Call me crazy, but I knew something wasn’t quite right when OSU came out not wearing the 68 throwbacks against scUM. 50 years ago, and we didn’t honor that tradition. To me, it was a slap in the face and the school just wanted to get the season over

  5. Agree with 3 comments above- it’s absurd there is even conversation about which uniforms OSU will wear. Thank heavens the d-bags at Nike didn’t prevail on this (at least for now).

  6. Alt unis are horrible, unless they are exact replicas of unis from the past, not some caricature look by Nike. Traditional, please.

  7. Always go with the traditional helmet, jerseys, and pants. The only good helmet is the traditional silver one! Couldn’t believe anyone would think that the they would wear anything else! Ohio State is a traditional school. Don’t change the uniforms.~ Go Bucks!

    1. totally agree with buckeye–keep all the traditional!

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