Morning Constitutional: Which Buckeyes Are Still Weighing NFL Decisions?

Damon Arnette Ohio State Football Buckeyes

To this point, Ohio State has lost five underclassmen to the NFL.

Quarterback Dwayne Haskins, running back Mike Weber, offensive lineman Michael Jordan, defensive tackle Dre’Mont Jones, and defensive end Nick Bosa have all declared their intentions to enter the 2019 NFL Draft.

Haskins will be foregoing two seasons of eligibility, while the other four will only be relinquishing their respective final season of eligibility.

There are mock draft projections that have Haskins and Bosa being drafted first and second overall. Jones could end up anywhere from the late first round to the third round. Jordan is expected to go somewhere in the first four rounds, and Weber should be selected somewhere in the middle to late rounds.

Four Buckeyes have already announced their returns. Receivers KJ Hill and Binjimen Victor will be returning. Fellow receiver Austin Mack likely would have had a decision to make had he not gotten injured this season, but his return will be a huge boost as well.

Defensively, safety Jordan Fuller will be back, and linebacker Malik Harrison will be as well, which we told you about over a week before he made his announcement.

Both players will provide leadership to a defense that is losing some experienced talent, even though the only defensive senior on the roster was linebacker Dante Booker.

There could still be two more departures coming, however.

Cornerbacks Kendall Sheffield and Damon Arnette are still waiting to make their announcements official. From what we have been told, both are expected to enter the NFL Draft and begin the next step of their respective football careers.

If one or both do declare, they are expected to shine at the NFL Combine. Sheffield could be the fastest cornerback in the nation, having set the 60M dash record at Ohio State last year.

Consistency has been an issue for both players, and with what looks to be a near total defensive staff upheaval at Ohio State, they may both be ready to move on rather than deal with a third different position coach in three years.

Not knowing who the cornerbacks coach will be for the Buckeyes next season has players a little anxious, and that kind of unknown could be all of the boost that Arnette or Sheffield were looking for.

Ohio State has lost cornerbacks early in each of the past three seasons. Don’t be surprised when one or both of Arnette and Sheffield make it four years in a row.

The deadline to declare is Monday, January 14. The NFL Draft is a three-day event that begins with the first round on Thursday, April 25.

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  1. I read that the Giants want him and may trade up in order to stay on top of other teams wanting to do the same. But that is speculation. Haskins will probably be the first QB taken, whenever that occurs. Worst case appears to be #6.

  2. Absolutely no way Haskins goes in the top 5. Not that he isn’t worth it, but there are no teams drafting in the top 5 that need a QB. His only hope to be a top 5 draft is if a team trades up. Bosa will be #1, SF just paid their future to Garoppolo, Jets just drafted Darnold, Raiders are still stuck on Carr and Tampa has Winston. The highest drafting team that “needs” a QB is perhaps Miami at 13 or JAX at 7. Other than those teams, it’s a good possibility he falls out of the top 15. I could be wrong on being out of the top 15, but I’m more right than him being the #2 pick.

    1. Perhaps the author can share links to those Mock Drafts that have Haskins going #2. No, it can’t be Haskins’ mom’s Mock Draft.

      1. Giants have the 6th pick in the first round. Look for him to land there. They need a QB as Eli is on his way to the pasture.

    2. No one predicted Mitch Trubisky to go #2 to the bears last year. I see Dwayne going to the Giants. If a team wants Dwayne Haskins to learn the system and not force him to start right away, then he could go in the top 5.

  3. In an odd way, I almost hope Sheffield and Arnette go. It boggles my mind that they are considered “NFL ready”…wow.

    1. These two have always been weak links as corners. It boggles my mind also. Sheffield was always chasing and Arnette still doesn’t get it. One more year would drive up their stock.

      1. Please not one more year of them! Let them go and think they can play in the NFL. OSU needs to move on from these two guys.

        1. +1. Okudah is already ahead of Arnette.

    2. Neither can cover, and Sheffield’s best move to defend is P.I…..I think both have talent, and are nice young men, but just didn’t improve with our coaching staff. Hopefully they will get proper development at the next level. I too ,hope they move on and let next 2 up….

      1. Sheffield was flagged for pass interference once this past season.

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