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Two-Minute Drill: Chris Holtmann and Buckeyes Talk Win Against Penn State

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COLUMBUS — Ohio State’s 74-70 win against Penn State on Thursday night was a game similar to the most recent matchups Buckeyes have experienced. Emotions were high coming out of the game and there was a lot to be said about the contest and everything that happened throughout.

Here’s a summary of what was said.

Penn State Head Coach Pat Chambers

+ This game against Ohio State is always a hard-fought battle. They fouled too much. “There’s no moral victories, but we will learn from this.”

+ They played small and that gave them the best chance to compete. To come back from being down 15 to leading in the game.

+ He is proud they got turnovers, rebounds, and stops.

+ He is a better coach when he is composed.

+ Chris Holtmann is a great coach. We are enjoying the battle. We want to compete and beat each other for sure. “It is a great rivalry here for sure.”

Freshman Guard Luther Muhammad

+ “It was another tough game. They beat us last year and we for sure didn’t forget that.”

+ Having Kyle Young back was great. He was hungry to get back. He was ready to give his all.

+ His offense is a result of coming to work hard every day and having great teammates to push him. He has confidence in himself and they have confidence in him. He thinks his offense is underrated considering the defensive effort he brings to the court.

+ This is going to help them for the future. “This is what you play the game for.” It pushed them and put them to the test.

+ On his boost of confidence, he said it is a result of his hard work.

+ When he was asked if he was a big trash talker, Muhammad laughed. “If you start it, I’m going to finish it.”

+ He wanted the challenge of playing against Josh Reaves. He was excited.

Junior Forward Andre Wesson

+ “They beat us three times last year, probably the reason we don’t have a ring right now.”

+ With Kaleb Wesson out, somebody has to step up. When he comes out, somebody has to hit shots.

+ They have a good press. They should have handled it a lot better but they’re long and athletic. He said it jumped them.

+ Kyle Young started practicing this week. He looked like he didn’t miss a beat and that was good to see.

+ Anytime they can get a win, they’ll take it.

+ On his new and increased role this season, this was exactly what he had in mind. He wanted it.

+ Based on the officiating throughout the game, they had to show their hands more. That was what Coach Holtmann told them at halftime.

+ Penn State is a hard playing team.

+ They are excited to play Indiana. They play hard. They beat them in double-overtime last year so they are going to be waiting for this one.

Ohio State Head Coach Chris Holtmann

+ “I need a nap. That was a rugged, Big Ten fight, that’s for sure.”

+ Holtmann takes the fault for not attacking the press as much as they should have. He said he should have prepared them more for that.

+ His guys showed great will. They stayed with it and tried to keep making plays. He thinks they played smarter in their attack.

+ They expected a game like this.

+ He hopes they can build on the toughness from this game.

+ Kyle Young’s shot fake finish was big. He played with activity and that’s who Kyle is. They have missed that and his experience. He has been on a minutes restriction.

+ He thought his guys did a really good job guarding Lamar Stevens. He gives Andre Wesson a lot of credit for that.

+ Luther Muhammad is the guy who has the ability to go get something.

+ “Reaves is the best defender I’ve ever coached against.”

+ Last year against Penn State at home they got frustrated and it snowballed. Even when they were up tonight, Holtmann said they knew Penn State was going to come back.

+ They anticipated Luther Muhammad would make an immediate impact. They knew coming in there was going to be great opportunity for him.

+ C.J. Jackson showed toughness late in the game. Mentally, he can bounce back after he makes some plays. They want to eliminate some of those moment’s because it’s frustrating but he’s a guy who can change a game. Him handling those frustrating moments has been a great sign of growth, even last year. He can’t lose that. As coaches, they can’t let that happen.

+ The court had condensation and players were slipping. Everybody was concerned for the safety of the players.

+ The environment at Indiana is one of the best in the league. He is sure that Indiana has gotten a lot of life from how they played at Michigan State.

+ All of the assistants and the Penn State coaches had on a green tie for advocating literacy for Second and Seven Day. Holtmann had a pin on his jacket. He said he was 0-3 against Penn State when wearing a tie.

You can watch the videos in their entirety below.

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