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169 Current and Former Ohio State Student-Athletes Graduating Today

Former Ohio State stars Greg Oden, Santonio Holmes, and Nick Mangold will be graduating from The Ohio State University today.

From an Ohio State release.

Columbus, Ohio – Sunday, 169 current and former Ohio State student-athletes will receive their degrees at Spring Commencement in Ohio Stadium. The ceremony is scheduled to begin at noon and will be streamed online here.

Among the student-athletes graduates are national and conference champions, All-Americans, academic standouts and Big Ten Medal of Honor winners and finalists.

The list includes …

◊ 2019 Big Ten Medal of Honor winners Mason Jobst and Karrington Winters. The award is given to the top male and female senior student-athlete (based on athletics and academics) on each Big Ten campus. Jobst is the second two-time All-American in Ohio State men’s hockey history and a three-time All-Big Ten selection and was part of three NCAA Tournament teams. Winters, part of the women’s track and field team, is a three-time First Team All-American, two-time Second Team All-American and owns three Ohio State records.

◊ Greg Oden returned to Ohio State to pursue his undergraduate degree after leading the men’s basketball Buckeyes to the Final Four during his freshman season in 2007. He has spent the last few years assisting with the Ohio State men’s basketball program as a student assistant coach. He was the No. 1 pick of the 2007 NBA Draft by the Portland Trailblazers but his professional playing career was cut short by injury.

◊ Nick Mangold and Santonio Holmes, who each had long and successful NFL careers, are both graduating through the university’s degree completion program.

◊ Lilli Piper and Emily Clark, seniors on the softball team, were selected in the third and fourth rounds, respectively, of the National Pro Fastpitch College Draft April 15. Piper is a two-time All-American and First Team All-Big Ten selection, while Clark earned All-Big Ten recognition twice.

◊ Jaclyn Lee of the women’s golf team was a Second Team WGCA All-American, First Team All-Big Ten selection. Lee, who is currently playing professionally, was the 2018 Big Ten Championships medalist, finishing in a tie for fifth at the NCAA Championships that year. Her teammate, Niki Schroeder, was the 2019 Big Ten Championships medalist and the Buckeyes won the Big Ten team title.

◊ Myles Martin won an NCAA wrestling championship in 2016 and finished his career as a four-time All-American as well as a 2019 Big Ten champion. Kollin Moore and Joey McKenna both are two-time Big Ten champions and three-time All-Americans, with Moore holding one more year of eligibility. Moore and McKenna, along with fellow 2019 grad Micah Jordan, all made NCAA finals in 2019 and all four have been part of NCAA Top 3 team finishes and Big Ten championship teams.

◊ Fencer Marc-Antoine Blais Belanger was a four-time All-American, the 2016 NCAA runner-up and claimed the NCAA epee title in 2018.

◊ Cole Gorski, the 2018 Big Ten indoor pole vault champion and a two-time Honorable Mention USTFCCCA All-American, is a CoSIDA Academic All-American.

◊ Sanil Thomas was a member of the back-to-back national champion men’s volleyball teams in 2016 and 2017 and has earned Honorable Mention All-America and First team All-MIVA accolades.

◊ Jincy Dunne of the women’s hockey t eam is a two-time All-American and First Team All-WCHA selection who was part of the program’s first NCAA Frozen Four trip in 2018.

◊ Will Grimmer is a two-time men’s golf U.S. Open qualifier. He has been selected for the Arnold Palmer Cup, the collegiate version of the Ryder Cup that features 12 of the top ranked United States golfers against 12 of their international counterparts.

The 69 spring graduates join 40 current and former student-athletes who earned their Ohio State degree at winter commencement. At the annual Scholar-Athlete Dinner in April, 674 Buckeyes were recognized. There have been 212 Ohio State student-athletes named to the Academic All-Big Ten Team so far this year, with spring and at-large sports still to come.

The 169 Graduates

Sport Name Academic Program Major
CHL Baker, Justin UEHE Middle Childhood Education
CHL Burks, Grant UBUS Marketing
CHL Devine,Kathleen UBUS Human Resources
CHL DiCarlo,Dominic UBUS Accounting
CHL Fye,Alexis UENG Chemical Engineering
CHL Gemberling,Gabriel UAGR Construction Systems Management
CHL Jenkins, Aubrey UASC Art Education
CHL Johnson III,Richard UENG Material Science Engineering
CHL Korot, Daniel UASC Chemistry
CHL Lippert, Kristen UASC Pyschology
CHL Schaefer,Alyssa UASC Pyschology
CHL Shah, Samantha UASC Pyschology
CHL Steyn, Trevor UASC Communication
MBA Cherry,Hugh UEHE Sport Industry
MBA Fishel,Andrew UBUS Finance
MBA Foppe,Kobie UEHE Sport Industry
MBA Romans,Nathanael UBUS Operations Management
MBA Waning,Thomas UBUS Operations Management
MBB Dakich, Andrew GEHE Sports Coaching (master’s)
MBB Hummer,Daniel UASC Economics
MBB Jackson Jr.,Cleveland Alan UEHE Sport Industry
MBB Lane,Joseph UBUS Marketing
MBB Oden,Gregory UEHE Sport Industry
MCC/MTR Stifel,Evan UNUR Nursing
MDI Romanik,Stephen UAGR Construction Systems Management
MFB Bowen, Branden UEHE Human Development and Family Science
MFB Conner,Nicholas UBUS Logistics Management
MFB Hilliard,Justin UBUS Marketing
MFB Holmes, Santonio UEHE Family Resource Management
MFB Jackson Jr.,Antwuan UEHE Human Development and Family Science
MFB Kristan,Bryan UBUS Finance
MFB Mangold, Nicholas UBUS Operations Management
MFB McCullough,Michael Liam UBUS Finance
MFB Saunders,Charles UBUS Accounting
MFE Blais Belanger,Marc‐Antoine UENG Mechanical Engineering
MFE Diaz‐Miranda,Jax UBUS Marketing
MFE Herczak,Jedrzej UASC World Politics
MFE Hu,James UBUS Operations Management
MFE Koch,Domenik UBUS Finance
MFE Krishna,Anurup UASC Microbiology
MFE Shindler,Oliver UASC Criminology
MGO Grimmer,Will UASC Communication
MGO Kelly,Timothy UASC Communication
MGO Mancinotti,John UBUS Finance
MGO Ramirez,Caleb UEHE Sport Industry
MGO Wetterich,Daniel UBUS Finance
MGY Bluemel,Evan UAHR Landscape Architecture
MGY Bonanno,Joseph UHRS Health Sciences Program
MGY McGee Jr.,Paris UASC Journalism
MGY Smith,Joseph UENG Food, Agriculture and Biological Engineering
MGY Wilson, Alexander UENG Civil Engineering
MIH Carlson,Dustin UEHE Sport Industry
MIH Ege, Wyatt UEHE Family Resource Management
MIH Gerard, Freddy UASC Communication
MIH Jobst, Mason UBUS Real Estate
MIH Johnson,Matthew UEHE Family Resource Management
MIH Kearney,Brendon UBUS Finance
MIH Larocque,Sasha UASC Earth Sciences
MIH Parran,Thomas UASC English
MIH Romeo, Sean UBUS Finance
MIH Wiitala,John UBUS Finance
MLA Borges,Matthew UBUS Finance
MLA Buckley,Lukas UBUS Finance
MLA Lang,Brian UBUS Finance
MLA Sallade,Matthew UEHE Sport Industry
MLA Sowder,Cullen UBUS Finance
MSO Nichols, Alexander UASC Biology
MSO Siegfried,Parker UENR Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability
MSO Soldat,Christian UENG Aerospace Engineering
MSW Dickmann,Blake UENG Civil Engineering
MSW Fronczak,Brandon UASC Actuarial Science
MSW Knabb,Oliver UEHE Sport Industry
MSW McGraw,James UENG Biomedical Engineering
MSW Pappas,George UBUS Finance
MSW Pinchot,Grant UEHE Exercise Science
MSW Shannon,Brad UASC International Studies
MSW Wagner,Ryan UBUS Marketing
MTE Joyce,Martin UBUS Finance
MTE Kobelt,Alexander UBUS Marketing
MTE Shewalter,Charles UBUS Finance
MTE Tubert,Hunter UBUS Finance
MTR Asemota, Duan UASC Communication
MTR Bramwell,Drelan UASC Communication
MTR Cobb, Coty UASC Communication
MTR Gorski,Cole UBUS Marketing
MTR Jackson,Jerry UAGR Construction Systems Management
MTR Seipel,Max UEHE Middle Childhood Education
MTR Seward,DaJuan UEHE Human Development and Family Science
MVB Thomas,Sanil UBUS Finance
MVB Yerington,Zachary UEHE Sport Industry
MWR Dijulius, John UASC Sociology
MWR Hayes,Ke‐Shawn UBUS Logistics Management
MWR Jordan,Micah UEHE Sport Industry
MWR Martin,Myles UEHE Sport Industry
MWR McKenna,Joseph UBUS Operations Management
MWR Moore,Kollin UBUS Logistics Management
MWR Powell,Joshua UPHR Pharmaceutical Sciences
WBB Cronin, Karlie UEHE Sport Industry
WBB Doss,Asia UENG Civil Engineering
WCC/WTR Clody,Courtney UBUS Marketing
WCC/WTR Frederick,Christine UBUS Accounting
WCC/WTR Kanney,Sarah UBUS Marketing
WCC/WTR Passwater,Jessica UNUR Nursing
WCC/WTR Robinson,Vanessa UASC Communication
WCC/WTR Saniel‐Banrey,Lillian UAHR Archeology
WCC/WTR Stoodley,Emily UENR Environmental Science
WCW Blair, Sophie UASC Communication
WCW Cydrus, Sierra UEHE Health Promotion, Nutrition and Exercise Science
WCW Kruse,Ida UENR Natural Resource Management
WCW Piloseno,Bianca UENG Materials Science and Engineering
WCW Serafy, Rachel UASC Communication
WCW Sheahan, Madison UJGS Public Management, Leadership and Policy
WFE Alpy,Alexandria UASC Neuroscience
WFE Cloyd,Haley UASC Zoology
WFE Leccese,Gabriella UASC History
WFH Cole, Casey UASC Sociology
WFH Daniels,Courtney UBUS Accounting
WFH Pany, Hannah UASC Psychology
WGO Lee,Jaclyn UBUS Finance
WGO Long,Alexis UASC Communication
WGO Schroeder,Nikolette UASC International Studies
WGY Carvalho,Casey UBUS Logistics Management
WGY Huang,Amanda UBUS Finance
WGY McClelland, Janelle UASC Speech and Hearing Science
WGY Stone, Jamie UASC Psychology
WIH Boyle,Lauren UBUS Marketing
WIH Dahlquist,Charly UASC Communication
WIH Dunne, Jincy UASC Psychology
WIH Field,Madison UEHE Sport Industry
WIH Langermeier,Erin UBUS Finance
WIH Reeves,Jacyn UEHE Human Development and Family Science
WLA Amorison,Alyssa UASC Psychology
WLA Camden, Megan UASC Communication
WLA Gantt, Hannah UASC Communication
WLA Keselman,Erika UBUS Operations Management
WLA Mackrides,Caroline UPHR Pharmaceutical Sciences
WLA Maring,Mackenzie UBUS Accounting
WLA Nagle, Erin UASC Biology
WLA Parrott,Baley UBUS Finance
WSB Betschel, Briana UEHE Human Development and Family Science
WSB Choinacky,Megan UPHR Pharmaceutical Sciences
WSB Clark, Emily UEHE Sport Industry
WSB Piper, Lillian UEHE Sport Industry
WSB Ray,Morgan UHRS Health Sciences Program
WSB Vargas, Alexandra UASC Communication
WSO Gazmarian,Brianna UEHE Sport Industry
WSO Kammerdeiner, Meghan UASC Psychology
WSO Knight,Kylie UBUS Human Resources
WSW Bailey,Meg UEHE Physical Education
WSW Murphy,Mikayla UBUS Marketing
WSW Vargo,Kerrigan UASC Psychology
WSW Zeren,Halime UEHE Human Nutrition
WSY Starrett, Lane UASC Zoology
WSY Walsh, Elizabeth UEHE Human Nutrition
WSY Warren, Rachel UEHE Sport Industry
WTE Sanford,Anna UASC Neuroscience
WTE Sneed,Olivia UASC Sociology
WTR Bell,Deja UEHE Sport Industry
WTR Dowdy, Alexis UEHE Human Development and Family Science
WTR Pettiford‐Winters, Karrington UASC Communication
WTR Seibert,Mikaela UEHE Fashion and Retail Studies
WTR Small,Olivia UEHE Human Nutrition
WVB Dailey, Olivia UASC Communication
WVB Hughes,Taylor UBUS Human Resources
WVB Koonts, Jasmine UEHE Sport Industry
Rifle Cuozzo Jr.,Anthony UENG Food, Agriculture and Biological Engineering
Rifle Urbach,Bailey UASC Neuroscience
Rifle Whitaker, Brendan UASC Math
Rifle Wotring,Quintin UASC Biology

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