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Buckeyes’ 2019 Wrestling Class Ranked Best in Nation

College wrestling is very unique in that it’s an individualized team sport, meaning each wrestler competes individually to earn team points. There are many factors that can affect a team’s success, such as coaching, facilities, and injuries just to name a few.

But ultimately, recruiting is at the top of the list. A stat posted by Intermat shows just how true this statement is.

When looking at wrestlers who became an All-American from this year’s NCAA tournament, here are the ratios of All-Americans based on top recruiting rankings:

  • Top 10 25/80
  • Top 20 35/80
  • Top 30 45/80
  • Top 100 67/80

These stats are quite telling because the teams with the top recruits will have the greatest success from year to year.

Ohio State and Penn State both finished first and second in the NCAA tournament in each of the last three seasons, and not surprisingly both teams dominated on the recruiting trail.

This past season all 10 of OSU’s weight classes qualified for the NCAA tournament. All of the wrestlers were in the top 65 in their respective recruiting classes, and five wrestlers were in the top ten in their classes.

Here are the 2019 Intermat recruiting rankings and OSU’s Top 100 signees.

1. Ohio State

    • 1. Greg Kerkvliet (Simley, MN), 3. Carson Kharchla (Olentangy Liberty, OH), 6. Jordan Decatur (CVCA, OH), 18. Dylan D’Emilio (Genoa, OH), 66. Isaac Wilcox (Olympus, UT), 100. Jacob Decatur (CVCA, OH)
    • Other notable wrestlers in the class are Nick Oldham (West Des Moines, IA) and Tyler Stein (Canfield, OH)

This class has a chance to be special for Ohio State. Add in the likes of Sammy Sasso, Malik Heinselman, and Gavin Hoffman, it may seem like an embarrassment of riches. Many of these young men may be called upon early in their careers because the Wrestling Bucks are graduating some legends.

Here are the remaining teams in the top 25;

2. Arizona State

3. Cornell

4. Wisconsin

5. Virginia Tech

6. Nebraska

7. Oklahoma

8. Oklahoma State

9. Iowa State

10. Illinois

11. Michigan

12. Rutgers

13. Fresno State

14. Lehigh

15. Minnesota

16. NC State

17. Penn

18. Northern Colorado

19. Northern Iowa

20. Iowa

21. Stanford

22. Penn State

23. Indiana

24. Northwestern

25. Wyoming

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  1. I read where they only had one recruit, if that’s true, no.22 is impressive. If all 3 guys requesting 6th years get them, they could be better than last year. Two years from now the field could be wide open. But they are a recruiting machine.

    1. They are also trying to get Kyle Conel from Kent state as a transfer. He applied for a 6th year as well. He is the kid that pinned Kollin Moore’s two years ago in the ncaa tourney

  2. I’m shocked, but not saddened, that PSU is so low!….maybe they didnt have a big recruiting class numbers-wise ..????

    1. I know a few of their guys are applying for medic red shirts but have no idea what the status is

  3. Did Penn State take the year off?

      1. I was wondering that myself. Perfect opportunity for the bucks to take a step forward

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