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Watch: The Room — Tight Ends ‘Best Position to Play in College Football’

Kevin Wilson Ohio State Buckeyes

The Ohio State football media team has released their latest edition of The Room, detailing the inside workings of each Buckeye position group.

Today, the tight ends get the spotlight.

Voted the unit of the offseason for their work in the winter, the Buckeye tight ends talk about the importance of their position and the coaching that they receive from position coach/offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson.

The video contains several clips of Wilson coaching his unit and leading pregame speeches for the entire team.

He also spends ample time talking about the importance of what his position group does and what it means to the entire offense.

There are few training grounds like the ones Ohio State tight ends go through, as Wilson explains in the video below.

Check it out.

Past editions of The Room are linked below the video.

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3 Responses

  1. This will truly make The Ohio State better then people think! We have lacked having motivated, well trained, blocking TE’s! We will really understand this starting this year. When this year the TE’ s shine like they need to. When you see how TE’s stand out on the field.

  2. TEs win an award in the offseason. Sounds about right for OSU.
    But our hope never withers. Oh, to see the TEs get 60 receptions this year. That’s not asking for much, is it?

    1. I never understood the obsession with TE receptions in our fan base.
      sure TE can provide mismatches against linebackers, but extra TE targets means less WR targets (given same passing attempts). do we really want to take the ball away that much more from the hands of the speedy guys? Tressel said something in the same context when he was a coach.
      I deinfitely think we should target them more to keep the defneses guessing..but 60 TE receptions might mean we are targeting them a tad too much unless they are really the best playmakers in the team and we have a Gronk waiting in the wings..

      2~4 targets a game depending on matchups seems about right.

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