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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Ohio State Remains a Mystery By Design

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr get you ready for Saturday’s game between Ohio State and Cincinnati. Ryan Day met with the media on Thursday and the fellas went over what was said. They also talk about what Luke Fickell had to say earlier in the week. The topic of how much Ohio State has actually shown to this point is also discussed, as is much more.

The Rundown

+ What didn’t Ryan Day say on Thursday.

+ What did we learn from Ryan Day?

+ Jashon Cornell is back at defensive tackle.

+ Tyreke Smith and Tyler Friday should be back this week.

+ We need more reps with Ryan Day.

+ This is a big game for Luke Fickell and his program.

+ But he’s trying not to make it about him.

+ The UC players don’t need to view this game from Fickell’s perspective.

+ Ryan Day has explained that to his team.

+ This is going to be UC’s best game.

+ This could be a program-defining win.

+ Cincinnati has a decent offense with some guys.

+ Michael Warren is the star of the show, but wasn’t great against UCLA.

+ Cincinnati is a Big Ten team according to the Buckeyes.

+ The Lawnmower Man.

+ UC’s offense wasn’t all that great against the Bruins.

+ Ohio State’s talent will wear on UC in a longer game.

+ The Buckeyes’ element of surprise with their defense.

+ This concerns Luke Fickell.

+ This is rarity for Ohio State.

+ Bill Gates goes to Popeye’s.

+ Cincinnati is a more expensive chicken sandwich.

+ Ohio State can’t leave their wallet at home.

+ You don’t want to end up washing dishes.

+ What Tony expects from Ohio State’s offense.

+ Lack of faith in Justin Fields.

+ JK Dobbins has to see things better.

+ How will Justin Fields play against a disciplined, talented defense with speed?

+ You want to catch Ohio State early this year.

+ Could this be a 2017 Michigan State-type 48-3 game?

+ Prepare yourself for a sub-50% passing day.

+ It’s happened to national title winning QBs in the past for Ohio State.

+ Fields isn’t a finished product.

+ What is more likely — a PR or KR TD / or OSU wins something like 48-3?

+ Let’s keep an eye on Demario McCall on special teams.

+ Score predictions.

+ Tony assumes Ohio State’s defense is good.

+ Tom thinks it’s gonna be super close.

+ Is it crazy that we have more faith in the Ohio State defense than the Ohio State offense right now?

+ Watch out for OSU forcing some turnovers on Saturday.

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2 Responses

  1. IMO a supportive fan ought to ever try to contribute through critique rather than criticism.

    IMO many of our ‘traditional’ mantras conflict with the perception of CFB as a dynamic, competitive game of many players, situations, and iterations. Essentially we tend to view ‘Buckeye football’ though a rear view, zero sum mirror of success or failure, ‘have it’ or not, and feelings yea or nay about possessing and dominating.

    This is not the strategist’s or tactician’s view of the nature of this game or the humans that play it.

    But such is the crux of the attitude of the Head Coach and his staff.

    IF we would critique… we would rationally require ourselves to choose what standards to critique by, and apply said standards across the spectrum of human nature and this competitive game. But…

    …but, given the right of free speech for all, suggests whoever can say whatever. That’s nice… but suggests chaos is far more common than the dull, consistent choice to reason by standards you set… and then “actually follow”.

    Yes… far more ‘fun’ to do whatever i feel to ‘them’… than hold my self accountable to the very standards i say i have ‘committed to’ or ‘believe in’.

    ===so just one example. Given the choice of using Principles of War [more accurately, human conflict] as standards to assess factors in a conflict…

    …do we “hide” part of our offense… or operate each iteration [play] based on the principle of The Initiative? Is ‘developing’ and ‘repping for experience & execution’ more important than ‘hiding’ ?

    Leaping to endless renditions of past performance expressed in conclusions or statistics… feels good when i feel ‘we’ have ‘won’… and ‘bad’ when i feel ‘they’ have ‘lost’ or ‘disappointed me’. This is as common as it is irrelevant to the ‘student of the game’. One could even suggest that, at “University” we are here to help each other learn to seek a common good together… but of course, ‘free speech’ delivers the rites of ‘whatever’…unconstrained by ‘rules’ except for the anointed, professing possessor of said rites.

    Speaking of “hiding”… inasmuch as we hide – from our selves, our fellow fans, others – what we say we ‘believe in’… then, how do we practice, apply, overcome?

    Surely I am “not wanting to show too much” so i can “have hopes” about that “nasty taste in my mouth”? Or…mayhaps the task at hand is BEAT UC… by that favorite of our feelings… “by all means necessary”?

    Like…even… going from 2D to 3D ‘thinking’? I mean our ‘communications devices’ are already on 5G… so we are ‘so far’… ‘ahead of ourselves’…. ;-{)}


  2. Cincinnati’s offense didn’t look great (first game) against a power 5 conference opponent. Ohio State’s offense (first game) didn’t look great after 8 minutes against a garbage can.

    See how that works?

    Cincinnati has been tested. The Buckeye’s had a light scrimmage where the over-all performance left a great deal to be desired.

    Who does this game mean more to?

    Do you really think Marcus Freeman showed everything his defense has got in the book? I know Marcus and he didn’t show anything beyond the first couple pages. That’s probably true about their offense as well.

    You’re making it sound as though this is a day in the park feeding pigeon’s. I hope the Buckeyes realize that there’s an opponent with a chip on their shoulder and some pretty good talent to help make that chip something that’s going to take more than bird feed to knock off.

    Lane Kiffen wanted nothing at all to do with the Buckeyes and he literally said that repeatedly in his statements. Don’t you think that may have had a negative effect on his team and explain, just as much as the Buckeyes fast start, why they started out looking like they didn’t belong near a football field, and didn’t want to be there?

    Cincinnati WANTS to show up and they have players and staff who would love nothing better than to stomp the Buckeyes guts out. They’ll come in with a lot of energy and bad intentions. I doubt there’s a single member of Cincinnati that hasn’t been planning and preparing for this game since the final gun on their bowl win..

    I couldn’t care less what participation trophies Day gave to the Buckeye “offensive” line. They were terrible last Saturday, and JK Dobbins ran like he was back in HS against opponents he could mug without consequence. That’s how you get to 4.3 ypc.

    But you go ahead with the whole……….we’re holding things back, not wanting to show too much. The international team of mystery Buckeyes, and all that. I really do doubt that Luke Fickell is buying it. He’s bringing his team in prepared for whatever. The Buckeyes better be much more prepared than they were last week and have more than whatever in their arsenal, or the fighting Fickells will knock the champ off its lofty pedestal.

    I seriously hope the team has as nasty a taste in their mouth as I have following that shit storm performance last Saturday.

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