Offensive Linemen Enokk Vimahi, Dawand Jones Lose Black Stripes

Ohio State football Dawand Jones

One week into the regular season, two of the biggest recruits in Ohio State’s 2019 class have now officially joined the team.

Wednesday evening, the program announced that freshman offensive linemen Dawand Jones and Enokk Vimahi had lost their black stripes.

Jones and Vimahi have put in a lot of hard work since arriving in Columbus this summer, one to lose weight while the other is gaining it.

During fall camp, head coach Ryan Day told reporters that Jones, who arrived at OSU weighing 380 lbs had already dropped to 360.

Meanwhile, Vimahi, who showed up undersized at 257 lbs., was already close to 300.

Neither player is expected to contribute much on the field this fall. Jones was primarily a basketball player in high school and was an extremely raw football prospect.

Vimahi was simply not big enough to play on the line in the Big Ten until recently.

However, both could be significant contributors on the line in coming years.

The black helmet stripe signifies that a new player has not yet done enough, both on and off the field, to be considered an official member of the team. Having it removed is considered a major milestone for young Buckeyes.

A total of 14 members of the team have lost their black stripes since fall camp opened. There is a complete list of 2018 stripe changes at the bottom of this post.

You can watch the videos announcing the news below.

Black Stripe Chart

LB Logan Hittle – March 21

LB Cade Kacherski – March 21

LB Ben Schmiesing – March 21

DB Darryl Sinclair — March 25

QB Justin Fields — March 25

RT Max Wray — April 1

SAF Ryan Batsch — April 1

WR Austin Kutscher — April 8

WR Garrett Wilson — April 8

DE Zach Harrison — April 12

OL Jonah Jackson — August 6

OL Harry Miller — August 8

WR Jameson Williams — August 8

OL Ryan Jacoby — August 12

RB Marcus Crowley — August 12

LB Cade Stover — August 13

SAF Bryson Shaw — August 15

RB Steele Chambers — August 15

DE Noah Potter — August 15

QB Danny Vanatsky — August 19

LB Craig Young — August 19

DT Zaid Hamdan — August 24

OL Dawand Jones — September 4

OL Enokk Vimahi — September 4

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  1. Two that had all the look of ‘throwaway’ schollies on projects that may or may not pan out. I hope they both prove me wrong.

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