Regarding Justin Fields’ Health, Ryan Day Says ‘He’s Good’

Justin Fields Ohio State Buckeyes Quarterback

With Ohio State happily running the clock out late in the fourth quarter in their eventual 28-17 win over Penn State on Saturday and faced with a fourth-and-5 situation, Buckeye head coach Ryan Day decided to call a pass play with an eye on a dagger into the end zone.

What happened, however, was a Penn State sack of quarterback Justin Fields, who then laid on the ground appearing to have suffered some kind of injury.

A once-frenzied Ohio Stadium crowd sat in relative silence. Too terrified to speak. Too busy watching the 2019 season pass before their eyes.

“It was fourth and four, didn’t want to kick a field goal at that time and have a low-trajectory field goal get blocked at that point,” Day said of his decision to throw the ball. “I didn’t think it was smart. And it was fourth and four. And at that point running the ball doesn’t eat the clock out. We had been running the ball in the fourth quarter because I felt strong about the defense and I felt like they were playing well. And we need to eat the clock and kind of get out of the game was the way I felt on offense. So, I wasn’t as aggressive.

“But that fourth and four, it was a chance to shoot the ball in the end zone. They came on a blitz. They did a really good job with it. We didn’t pick it up. I would have liked Justin to throw it away, not take the hit. He was trying to make the play. Those are things that happen; you make the decisions and do the best you can.”

Eventually, after more than a minute laying prone on the turf, Fields was eventually pulled to his feet and he jogged off the field to a huge applause — as well as some musical accompaniment from TBDBITL.

After the game, Day was asked for an update on Fields’ condition.

“He’s good. He’s good. He’s a warrior,” Day said. “I’m telling you, he’s tough. He ran the ball today. He extended plays on third down. Heart of a lion. I love that kid. He’s tough.”

Fields certainly did run the ball, carrying it a career-high 21 times — including three sacks — for 68 yards. He was an oft-used weapon for the Buckeyes. OSU went with a large number of empty sets, which allowed them to spread the defense out and give Fields running room on the quarterback draw plays.

This was not a surprise for Fields, who had a perfect understanding of what was going to happen on Saturday.

“He knew,” Day said of the gameplan for Fields to carry the ball a bunch on Saturday. “And he’s up for the challenge. And again some quarterbacks they look at you sideways when you have that conversation. He doesn’t; he looked back, ‘Whatever it takes Coach.’ You talk about a tough kid, he is tough.”

Fields didn’t speak with the media following the game, which is fairly atypical for the Buckeye quarterback, but not unusual following any kind of injury.

Fields did come out for the final kneel downs of the game, which should tell you that maybe things weren’t as bad as they looked when he was laying on the Ohio Stadium turf.

Expect another update on Tuesday from Ryan Day when he speaks to reporters for the only time this week.

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  1. Don Brown is going to load up the box against us and blitz like crazy after seeing this game film. I hope Day, Fields, Stud and the OLine have all learned a thing or two after this game. Go Bucks! Beat Xichigan!

  2. fascinating insights into how the man of insights….

    converts his insights into the playcalls…..

    “Risky Business”, indeed.


  3. This was a grow up game both for OSU and for Fields. While OSU dominated PSU, and not sure the weather or the conditions, our O played it closer to the vest and didn’t ring up points. That sack was indicative of an O that did enough to win and keep a two score lead after PSU got back into it.

  4. our pass pro formation for that play… had no blocking backup support.

    given Fields’ tendancy to take a sack, and unwillinness to throw it away….

    made good examples of what ‘extra factors’ need input in the provebial ‘critical situation’ where you must…. ;-{)}

  5. I love daggers but DON’T take a sack or better yet an unnecessary hit. Score a td, go for two and make some betters happy I guess. Fields is big, strong and hard to bring down. Those are the dudes that take a lot of shots from a lot of angles. Fingers crossed!

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