The-Ozone Staff Picks: Ohio State At Rutgers

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The formula for picking Ohio State football games this season has been remarkably simple.

Step 1: Figure out the score a normal, rational human would have picked at the beginning of the year.

Step 2: Divide the opponent’s total in half.

Step 3: Add 24 points to Ohio State’s total.

Step 4: Add another touchdown or two for the Buckeyes if they’re extra-motivated because of a player suspension, bad weather, non-preferred kickoff time, or the phase of the moon.

Step 5: Profit.

The formula worked again last week as the Buckeyes, favored to win by a score of something like 53-10 according to the Vegas point spread and over/under number, instead drubbed the Terps 73-14. And for the ninth week in a row, the game wasn’t really as close as the score might have indicated.

Brandon Zimmerman was the closest to the correct score last weekend. He picked 63-7, the most optimistic prognostication of anyone on staff.

Oh, and he undershot the Buckeyes’ score by 10 points.

This weekend, the team that has been exceeding all expectations every week plays what very well may be its single worst opponent of the year.

Yes, they beat Miami 76-5, but the RedHawks are already bowl-eligible at 6-4, have two extremely winnable games left, and are likely going to play in the MAC Championship Game.

Could Rutgers make it to the MAC Championship Game?

No, seriously, I’m really asking because there’s a decent chance the answer is “no.”

Caroline Rice

I’m going to be honest and just say Saturday is going to be UGLY. The Buckeyes will turn to their youth and their backups early on but all of those guys are still really good and are going to make big plays.

Ohio State defeated Rutgers 52-3 in 2018 and remember how bad the Buckeye defense was last year?

I know the Buckeyes have a big game next week and can’t get caught looking ahead but the biggest thing for Ohio State is just going to be getting out of there healthy. The game will be over early and I expect to see a lot of the backups, which should give some players rest for next weekend.

If Ohio State comes out like they did last weekend, I’m predicting the same kind of outcome in the end.

Ohio State 63 Rutgers 14

Tony Gerdeman

This is probably the least humane I’ve ever felt giving a staff pick, but when you sign up for this job, you know there is a Rutgers game on the schedule every year and it is going to make you feel like a terrible person when you ultimately spell it all out.

I feel like Ohio State is going to New Jersey this weekend to beat up an orphanage.

This is just a home for wayward kids and the Buckeyes are coming for them. This is like The Purge meeting Oliver Twist.

I don’t even want to mention any player names with this pick because they may not want their identities known.

The Purge 70, Oliver Twist 0

Michael Citro

Even without Chase Young this weekend, the announcement of his impending return should boost an already spectacular Ohio State defense.
Some of the backup defensive ends will be out to show that they are still worthy of playing time when Young returns, while others will be trying to get in their last licks before seeing less playing time.
Meanwhile, Ohio State’s offense has been humming along. Like last week, the Buckeyes will score as many points as they choose to score. I think it’ll be a nice game for OSU.
Ohio State 69, Rutgers 3

Chip Minnich

Ohio State has been beating Rutgers soundly since the Scarlet Knights were inexplicably admitted into The B1G, and this year’s squad may be the worst of the bunch.

Look for another bench clearing exercise, with lots of freshmen who have not yet met the 4 game threshold, redshirt freshmen, and walk-ons who made the travel squad to get their last appreciable playing time until the 2020 Ohio State Spring Game.

In certain respects, the Ohio State Spring Game may actually represent more competitiveness than what will be seen on Saturday afternoon at 3:30pm.

Ohio State 73, Rutgers 7

Brandon Zimmerman

I can’t wait to watch the OSU first team play for about a quarter on Saturday.  Honestly, I can’t even pretend like there will be things I am watching for tomorrow so I won’t even waste all of your time.  Let’s just hope the team stays healthy.

Ohio State 84, Rutgers 3

Mike Miehls

This is the closest thing to a sure win I have ever seen as a Buckeye fan. There is absolutely no challenge for Ohio State and they will only be slowed by the coaching staff.
As such, I challenge Tom & Tony to score this one not as the scoreboard reads, but as Ohio State scores the Spring Game. I think it’ll be more challenging that way. Or maybe score the starters vs. the backups?
Ohio State Offense 63. Ohio State Defense 55 feels about right.
For the actual game:
Ohio State 73, Rutgers 3

Tom Orr

If you listened to the Thursday evening episode of the “Buckeye Weekly” podcast, you know the story behind this pick.

If not, you can find it here.

The reality of this weekend is that Rutgers has basically no say in the final score. Their side of the scoreboard is going to be a zero unless OSU does something silly.

OSU’s side of the scoreboard is going to stop spinning like a pinball machine when the Buckeyes decide they’re done for the day and not a moment before.

And I’m tired of picking what seem like impressively high scores every week and then having the Buckeyes blow them away.

Ohio State 222, Rutgers 0 

7 Responses

  1. This game simply annoys me. The more I watch Rutgers the more I hate them, and hate Jim Delaney. This game should not be taking place. Rutgers has ZERO business of even sniffing their way into this conference, yet because of $$$$ here we are. I won’t watch the game. Nothing Ohio State does tomorrow is going to make me think, “WOW this team is really good.” They could put 100+ points on the board, and I will chalk it up to Rutgers being that bad. It’s a bye week where people can get hurt.

  2. Could this be the proverbial trap game? No. This is a proverbial third bye week using Rutgers for tackling dummies. I don’t see the starters staying in for very long in the annual Jim Delaney Classic. It’s a shutout for the Buckeyes while their punter is taken off the field on a stretcher for exhaustion. Chase Young will be bitterly regretting missing this game because he could have matched his YTD total of sacks in the first quarter. Kent State wishes they’d scheduled Rutgers. BTN wants to redo their contract not to include Rutgers games. Well, you can tell which announcing crew drew the short straw this week.

    Good Guys 66
    Goodfellas 0

    1. You know Rutgers punter is their best player and we’re going to have an exhibition tomorrow. He’s played more than any other Rutgers player.

  3. 222-0? Tom! Why so low lol????

  4. When the Buckeyes have scored 70+ this season, they’ve allowed walk-on kickers to come on for a late attempt. Those walk-ons are 0-2 and broke the Buckeyes’ consecutive PAT streak at around 214 or so.
    This week they get redemption and make one.
    Buckeyes 77
    Scarlet Pimpernels nil

  5. Wait……this is a trick game. Ohio State score 42 in the first quarter and Rutgers simply forfeits the remainder of the game.

  6. Provided the Buckeyes play the starters for the first half. Chances are they won’t though.
    Buckeyes 84
    Rutgers 0

    If the Buckeyes only play the starters 1 quarter.
    Buckeyes 77
    Rutgers 0

    If the Buckeyes don’t play their starters more than 1 or 2 series.
    Buckeyes 70
    Rutgers 0

    This game is going to get seriously ugly for Rutgers in a hurry. Maybe JK goes for 70 on the opening series for the Buckeye offense.

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