Postgame Updates from Ryan Day Following Ohio State’s 73-14 Win Over Maryland

Ryan Day Ohio State Buckeyes

COLUMBUS — Following Ohio State’s 73-14 destruction of the Maryland Terrapins, Buckeye head coach Ryan Day took to the podium to answer questions about his team and their impressive performance on the afternoon.

An Ohio State spokesman began by saying there is nothing new that can be added to the Chase Young situation. The report about Ohio State being hopeful that a suspension would only be four games was erroneous as OSU has no expectations for any timetable.

Ryan Day then took to the podium.

+ Buckeye Nation came out and they were loud and proud.

+ Came out and played well early and finished it off well also.

+ There was adversity this week and adversity reveals character. “I thought we came out and showed that we’re made of something special here.”

+ Nobody flinched on the defense when they found out that Chase Young would be out. This is a unit. They are more than just one person. They all had something to prove and when they come out with something to prove, this is a special team.

+ “We always want to be aggressive,” is how Day explained the call for the onside kick. When there is some adversity, they want to be aggressive and the guys embraced that. They planned it during the week. They guys like the aggressiveness.

+ Asked if he’s confident if Chase Young will be back, Day declined to answer.

+ Davon Hamilton has had such an impact on this entire season, as well as this game. He’s an inside presence and can push the pocket. “It changes the mentality of the quarterback.” “You’re not looking at the coverage, you’re looking at the rush.” He’s one of the most improved guys on the team from last year.

+ A lot of guys on this team went through adversity last season, so nobody flinched. They wanted to show how tight this team was and they wanted to show their character.

+ Rashod Berry came to the coaches a couple of weeks ago offering his services as a defensive end, so they did that this week and will look at him in different spots this season.

+ Garrett Wilson is still really young, but his talent is off the charts. Don’t want to get too far ahead with him, but he’s growing every week. He’s mature like Chris Olave as a freshman. “He’s kind of into that swing right now.” The big thing for him is how well do you practice and take care of the ball.

+ The onside kick was something that Matt Barnes saw on film and the guys practiced it during the week. “That couldn’t have been executed any better.” It was cool to feel the excitement in the stadium after that. It’s a gamechanger to steal a possession from anybody.

+ Zach Harrison did a good job, but it was unfortunate that they called the penalty. That was a learning experience.

+ They were surprised as coaches when they found out about the Chase Young situation. As coaches, you don’t try to overthink it, you just support him and then eventually you’ll get clarity on the situation. “We’re going to get through it together.”

+ “We haven’t played a whole bunch of football…” but they still decided to go with their backups to start the second half.

+ Day said there was nothing to the FOX broadcast that maybe this game was personal for Day and the Buckeyes because somebody at Maryland may have tipped off the NCAA. “By no means would I ever try to run up the score at all.”

+ “We challenged the pass game this week.” They came out aggressive. They challenged everybody involved. They threw it a bunch in the first half.

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  1. I don’t know if anyone asked psu if they were running up the score on mrylnd, but the difference is identical. Although 73-14 seems worse than 59-0 for some reason.

    But if your second team plays the 2nd half and scores 31 points, and gives up 14, I’m not sure how you are running up the score. You shouldn’t have to just run the ball, if you want them to get better against competition, and mrylnd wasn’t trying not to score.

  2. Izzt just my perception or is Coach Day providing a lot more description/information than coachspeak….

    Compared to Urban Meyer? … Jim Tressel?

    THAT would be… uh… quite ‘educational’… compared to ?

    1. Buck68- you and I are perceiving the same thing. It’s refreshing to hear actual information rather than dismissive nonsense.

  3. ‘run up the score’ is rationally a judgment in the mind of the beholder about Coach Day’s content and intent. And each beholder has been given his own mind and the power to choose.

    IMO Coach Day clearly set his standard on this question. Did not see any qualifiers [if’s, and’s, or ‘buts]’ in his response.

    Those who want to know ‘more’, should ask Coach. Personally, i ought to remember that, rationally, i don’t ‘ask’ by using judgments or conclusions. Logically, that is part of the definition of the logical fallacy termed “loaded question”.

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