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Statistical Projection: Ohio State at Rutgers

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Recap: Ohio State vs. Maryland

As has been my common mistake this season, I underestimated this OSU offense once more. They destroyed a Maryland team that was ranked at one point this season. I mean, they’re not good… at all, but they were ranked in week 3, so let’s roll with that.

As usual, I had a couple of predictions that came to fruition, but had many others that fell flat.

Where I was close on my predictions:

  • Justin Fields attempted 25 passes, 3 of which were for TDs, and rushed for another. Check x 3.
  • I had Fields at 31 rushing yards on the day, and he finished close with 28.
    • I found this amusing because it’s literally the exact thing I predicted for the Wisconsin game and the exact same rushing total outcome.
  • Chugunov got some PT, so I was right there as well, though I was off on how much and what he’d do with it.
  • For the rushers, well, I had Dobbins with 2 TDs and Crowley with 1, but was way off on the yardage totals.
  • As for the pass catchers, I was correct on receiving TDs for Hill, Olave, and Victor.
  • I had K.J. Hill going for 4/55/1 TD and he had the nerve to get 4/56/1.
  • Haubeil was 8 of 8 on PATs, that’s a yep.

Where I was less close:

  • Chugunov was super efficient, played much more than I expected, threw a TD and even made room for Gunnar Hoak to get onto the field at the end of the game.
  • Master Teague III earned the most carries and yards as J.K. Dobbins rested comfortably on the bench.
    • Teague also failed to get into the endzone.
  • Demario McCall did a lot of stuff, including catching a pass, rushing 7 times for 78 yards, and scoring twice. I projected almost none of that.
  • I did much better on the pass catchers than normal, but whiffed on Wilson’s TD and yardage total.
  • Chrisman punted less than I expected and also was off of his game to the tune of 5 yards per punt worse than my estimated average.

Ohio State football Zach Harrison

November 16 – Ohio State at Rutgers

Quarterback Projections

Justin Fields could win the Heisman Trophy on Saturday, if Ryan Day were to let him play an entire 60 minutes. That will not happen. However, he’ll be his normal, efficient, productive self, just magnified to a Rutgers scale. Fields will play for approximately one half (at most), and will rack up nearly 200 yards through the air, 3 passing TDs, and a completion percentage that seems unfair.

Once Ryan Day determines that he’s had enough fun with his starting QB, he’ll plug Chris Chugunov in for more action. Chugs will pick up right where Fields left off, because… Rutgers, and will throw 2 of his own TD passes and break the 100-yard mark for a second consecutive week. But the fun won’t stop there! No sir… Gunnar Hoak will get onto the field again, toss a couple of throws, including his own TD, and finally, unfortunately break his completion streak.

Running Back Projections

J.K. Dobbins will carry the ball the most in this one, with Teague close behind and a whole host of Buckeye backs following after. Everyone not named Steele Chambers will get into the paint at least once (twice for MT3), and every back will average over 4 yards per tote.

McCall and Dobbins each catch a pass, and McCall takes his to the house. In all, it will be another dominating rushing performance from one of the country’s best running attacks.

Pass Catcher Projections

I did well last week, so this category is undoubtedly doomed.

  • K.J. Hill has a bit of an off day, only hauling in 3 for 39.
  • Chris Olave matches Hill in receptions, but gets a little further with his, including one into the endzone.
  • Austin Mack, Binjimen Victor and Jameson Williams all chip in with 2 receptions.
    • Victor and Williams both score on one of their catches.
  • Garrett Wilson leads the team in receiving yards and catches and puts another 6 points onto the board again this week.
  • Ruckert, Harris, Gill, and Farrell each snag a catch on Saturday but only Ruckert scores.

Specialist Projections

Blake Haubeil tallies another 9 points and DiMaccio boots 2 PATs as well.

Drue Chrisman is only needed once in this “contest.”

The Buckeyes have the unfair advantage of being way better than Rutgers at football and the score will show it. Ryan Day will score as many points as he deems necessary and Rutgers, I guess, will get onto the board a couple of times when OSU isn’t looking.

Final Score Prediction

Ohio State 77 – Rutgers 10