Justin Fields’ Health Not Where He Was Hoping It Would Be

Justin Fields Ohio State Buckeyes Quarterback

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Ohio State sophomore quarterback Justin Fields was hoping these two weeks since the Big Ten Championship Game would be enough to help his sprained MCL get back to its old ways and no longer bother him.

That has not been the case, however, and speaking with reporters on Tuesday, Fields was clearly frustrated by a slower recovery process than he was anticipating.

“My knee’s probably not like I wanted it to be right now,” Fields said. “But I think with the treatment every day and just resting every day, hopefully it’ll be better by the game.”

Fields is planning on wearing the smaller knee brace that he wore during the Michigan game. It is also the same brace he had replaced by a much larger one when he went down against the Wolverines.

He did, however, bring both braces just in case.

The larger brace is bulkier and hinders Fields’ running. The smaller brace is more forgiving of his agility and keeps the defense a little more honest where the running quarterback is concerned.

And Fields’ ability to run could be a much-needed addition to Ohio State’s plan of attack on Saturday.

“Yeah, I think it just brings another aspect to my game, being able to move better and kind of maneuver the defender,” he explained. “So that’s really why I don’t want that knee brace on. But, you know, I have to wear it, so it is what it is.”

While Fields feels well enough to go with the smaller brace, he is already resigned to the fact that his knee needs some help.

He is icing it, resting it, and even doing things for it that he doesn’t quite understand.

All in an effort to get his knee to where he was hoping it would be weeks ago.

“I definitely thought I would be closer to 100%,” Fields said. “If I gave a percentage right now, I’d be like 80-85 right now. I’m just gonna hope and pray that I feel better by game day.”

This has been a frustrating last month of the season for Fields. He can’t do what comes naturally for him and has to make sure he doesn’t make things worse.

Despite the caution, he is still taking every practice rep he can get.

“I try to get as many reps as possible really,” he said. “I would say I haven’t really missed any reps in terms of just getting in there and playing, but I just really can’t move like I want to.”

The Ohio State rehab team has worked some miracles in the past and will no doubt be putting in the time to perform another one with Justin Fields’ knee.

Time is running out and 100% may not be something that is attainable.

But Fields and his physical therapy team will work as hard as possible to get as close to 100% as they can.

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  1. Ohio State this year is not a one-man team. Justin Fields at 80-85% is better than most QBs at 110%. And he is surrounded by a cast of talented, selfless players. So the Buckeyes will be fine against Clemson.

  2. If the Buckeyes want to win they are going to have to do it on the ground – pound it down Clemson’s throat. We have 2 running backs that can do just that. Mix in a little play action and kaboom. We owe these motherfuckers an ass kicking.

  3. Hey, how about we have a contest to predict which QB will be sacked more times. That could be fun. Could that be the difference in this game? Who will throw more interceptions? I’ll go ahead and say Lawrence with two and Fields throws one. Fumbles? I’ll go with Buckeyes two, Clemson one lost fumble so the turnovers even out more or less. I hope we can avoid the stupid penalties. The $64,000 question. Who will take more sacks? What do you guys think? Hopefully nobody leaves the game.

    Sack # Taken:
    Justin Fields 4
    Trevor Lawrence 3

  4. No worries. A week ago one of the homers assured me that Fields had two weeks to heal up and would be “good to go”, whereas I had thought it was the kind of injury that requires surgery (I still do).

    My thinking is that our passing and running game and defense are matched up well by Clemson but Fields ability to take off and run is our edge and therefore any hindrance to Fields might be the difference. I could be wrong. Clemson’s defense is (much) better than any the Buckeyes have faced and Fields was chased around and sacked to often in the final three games so the O-Line had better give him better protection than he’s been getting lately.

  5. Got to hope this is gamesmanship. If not, it’s a real strange thing to reveal days ahead of the game.

    1. Agreed. I dont know why this is being addressed with anything but the standard boilerplate “I will be ready to go. This time of year everyone is dinged but I feel good and will be ready to go”.

    2. It has to be gamesmanship. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Fields doesn’t need the brace and is at the top of his game. Let the press see him hobbling around on a brace and talking about it all week leading up to the game. It’s the kind of thing Mike Leach might do and I love it. Nobody divulges injury information ahead of a big game unless it’s a misdirection. Any info given out is to gain an advantage, not pity. The only other possible motive would be to have a preemptive excuse ready in case of a loss which is something fans do but not head coaches so I reject that entirely. It would be fun to see him come out at 100%, lol.

      1. Even if he is at 100% or close to it, he will still wear the small brace and I think he will run only when necessary. Maybe show the RPO a few times just to keep Clemson honest. Remember we have another game after this one!

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