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Two-Minute Drill: Chris Holtmann, Buckeyes Talk 62-59 Minnesota Loss

Chris Holtmann Ohio State Buckeyes

COLUMBUS – Ohio State suffered its second loss in a row in a heartbreaking 62-59 loss to Minnesota at home on Thursday night. The Buckeyes now sit at 2-6 in the Big Ten and 12-7 overall.

Head coach Chris Holtmann, junior forward Kyle Young and redshirt-junior C.J. Walker spoke with the media following the game. Minnesota head coach Richard Pitino also answered questions from reporters.

Here’s a summary of what was said.

Chris Holtmann

+ He thought his guys really battled and competed but thought Minnesota made plays down the stretch.

+ The demeanor was great in the huddle. It was a secondary look but demeanor was great in the huddle.

+ He doesn’t know how good the contest was on Carr on that last shot. He will have to look at it but it wasn’t good enough.

+ They took a step forward in some areas but right now they aren’t good enough in enough areas to win in this league.

+ 14 rebounds for Kaleb Wesson, his ball screen defense was outstanding and he really had to work for the better part of the game. He had a few around the basket he would normally make but he created a lot of opportunities for other guys. It was a tough floor game but he is pleased with his effort.

+ He thought the team played tougher and harder.

+ “People on the outside evaluate on wins and losses but we evaluate on progress and I thought we took a step forward in some areas.”

+ Tonight he didn’t think they were great on transition defense and finishing around the rim. They have to find a way as coaches to put them in better positions and stay together as a group and figure out how to be better.

+ On getting to the foul line, Holtmann didn’t think they were as attacking and aggressive in the second half. He also thought it was called differently in the second half and they called a bit tighter in the first half.

+ Kaleb Wesson played really hard tonight. He was really competing and that could ahem affected his offense a bit. But we had other guys who were able to make plays with the attention he was given.

+ Kyle Young is getting his energy back. Defensively he was good. He’s slowly but surely getting his energy back.

+ “We knew it was going to be a tight game.”

Kyle Young

+ “We felt like we were competing and laying hard. Our energy was better. We felt like we were going to win that game.”

+ “The game is over, there’s nothing we can do about it now.”

+ His motor felt better tonight.

+ On when he came out of the game, Young said you always want to be in the game but he trusts the coaches and they were playing heavy off of him so maybe they wouldn’t have got what they needed if he was in there so they sent a guard in.

C.J. Walker

+ They were trying to get the teams’ best shot and make the play. They got a good shot from Kaleb Wesson and he was wide open from there but it just didn’t fall.

+ “Make the right plays the whole game and then that happens. It hurts.”

+ They were trying to get a layup from Duane Washington Jr. for the backdoor but it didn’t fall through and then Kaleb Wesson was open.

+ “A month ago we had something rolling we just have to figure it out.”

+ They took what Coach Holtmann said about being more physical and really focused on that. They thought they did it just came down to that last shot.

Richard Pitino

+ Marcus Carr executed the last shot to perfection and made a great shot. He has that ‘it’ factor and  down the stretch he made some huge plays.  They ran the same play against Purdue and it didn’t work that time but will continue putting the ball in his hands.

+ Wesson is so physical. Ohio State took Daniel Oturu out of the game in the first half. they told him to go have your best second half of the year and flush out he first half. Give Ohio State credit for taking him out of it.

+ The locker room was pretty excited. They have the third most new players in the Big Ten and it doesn’t feel like they are re-building this year, they are right there. They knew they had to breakthrough on the road and they have. This is a great group of guys.

+ To hold Kaleb Wesson 1-for-10 was terrific.

+ The last huddle was like Will Ferrel in Old School screaming nobody freak out.

+ His guys were pretty calm. They’ve been in a lot of close games and haven’t always executed.

+ Ohio State was very physical.

+ They will feel good tonight and get over it but it’s very hard to win in this league and they’ve got some quality wins.

+ They did a better job of defending without fouling in the second half. He told his guys they can’t play in foul trouble and in the first half they were just letting Ohio State get to the line too much. They changed that in the second half and played fundamentally sound.

You can watch the full videos below.

Richard Pitino

Posted by The Ozone on Thursday, January 23, 2020

C.J. Walker and Kyle Young

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Chris Holtmann

Posted by The Ozone on Thursday, January 23, 2020

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  1. Hotmann is clueless. Teams consistently run out of bounds plays against Ohio State and score easily. The offense is stagnant with little movement. Holtmann loves Luther Muhammad whom shoots 20 per cent from the floor in Big 10 and can make mistake after mistake. Justin Ahrens in his two years makes one mistake and is yanked from the game. Kaleeb Wesson is not athletic. No explosion to him. Struggles against big men his size. What have OSU strength coaches done to develop his vertical? Lucky to win two more games the rest of 2020. Terrible hire by Gene Smith. Urban Meyer and Ryan Day were easy hires.

  2. Holtmann better realize a guy on the inside measures the team on wins and losses and thats his boss. You lose to Minnesota on your home floor and you made progress. Then he says Wesson played hard so that affected his offense. So doed that mean when he has a good offensive game, he doesnt play hard. Wesson will always struggle against people his own height or taller because he has no quickness or jumping ability. Holtmann must think people are pretty stupid.

  3. We need to start seriously consider that if not vfc this season, but next season without Caleb Wesson if we need to look for a competent coach. Icwasxwrong I predicted a 5 to 10 point loss. See us winning 2 or 3 games max for the remainder of this season.

  4. A step forward? 12-1 through December, 1-5 so far in January. I am afraid the light at the end of the tunnel is an on-coming train.

  5. Evaluation of progress should be done during practice, not games. Games are measured by winners and losers. We had the game won yesterday and changed the strategy. That’s on the coaches. What if the football team had lost 5 out of 7 and the coach uttered a similar line about wins and losses not being a good gauge of effort and progress? I can’t imagine being a player and having the coaches put restraints on you instead of letting you play. This is not a participation league!

  6. For me the bright side of another shitty buckeye basketball team is I no longer look at the schedule and make sure I watch the game. I didn’t even know they were playing last night.

  7. A step forward? This team was number 2 in the country and it was deserved at the time. Now this. How many times do they get fouled around the basket and seem to never make the shot for a 3-point play?! They are weak. They are lost. This collapse is bizarre.

  8. Finishing around the rim? Dunk the fucking ball,wtf? Washington blew that bunny looking for a foul. Thats on the coaching staff imo.

    1. Thanks for stating to dunk the freaking ball, I have been screaming that at my tv all year. I cant stand our Big guys underneath going for a layup instead of doing the Greg Oden and slamming that MF’er down there throats.

  9. He is actually still talking and the press is still actually listening?
    Maybe enough talking and more doing for a while at least?

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