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Two-Minute Drill: Chris Holtmann, Buckeyes Preview Trip to Wisconsin

Chris Holtmann Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State head coach Chris Holtmann met with reporters on Friday to preview Sunday’s upcoming game against Wisconsin in Madison. He gave a bit of a breakdown of what to expect from the Badgers, including some insight on the difference between Wisconsin at home and on the road. Also speaking with reporters were sophomore guard Duane Washington and junior forward Kyle Young.

Chris Holtmann

+ These games just keep coming at you. Wisconsin is very good as they showed against Michigan State.

+ There is opportunity for DJ Carton to get his schooling done from home right now.

+ It’s good for Carton to have some time to himself, but there’s a balance between leaving him be and having his teammates keep in contact to let him know they care. They have been relying on the medical staff for direction during this whole thing.

+ Wisconsin games are typically in the 50s. That’s how they force you to play. They are really good at home offensively. “They’re shooting numbers are off the charts different.” They don’t play differently, they just shoot it better.

+ Holtmann doesn’t really put a lot of thought into whether or not he likes the physical style of Big Ten basketball. “Each game is different.”

+ Holtmann is aware of the Big Ten standings, but he’s not paying attention to the day-to-day stuff unless he hears about it. Holtmann believes this is the best conference in the country. There are 12 teams in the Top 50 of the NET rankings. “Based on the numbers, this is the best and deepest league in the country.” That doesn’t mean the conference will have the best run in the NCAA Tournament.

+ Holtmann doesn’t want Duane Washington play a whole lot differently at the point than what his instincts are. Having said that, he still has to be aware. Washington isn’t a pass-first point, so there is an adjustment for him.

+ Luther Muhammad has been rehabbing for a week or so. They had to give him some time off. He’s expected to play. His shoulder injury will continue to be something they have to monitor.

+ Duane Washington is a great kid. “Love coaching him.” “He needs to be coached.” When they recruited him, people told him that Holtmann would need to stay on him. He’s got the potential and has the opportunity to really grow. “He drives me batty, but very few days have I not enjoyed coaching him.” They are just trying to bring a level of consistency out of him. It’s a full-time job.

+ The Buckeyes showed toughness down the stretch against Michigan when they made big plays. You build on that and keep on your guys to keep making the big, right play.

Duane Washington

+ Washington has been the primary ballhandler all his life, so he’s used to it. Last year was his first year away from point. He now has to get back into that feel of how to run the team. He’s listening to his coaches on how to best get it done.

+ Some point guards on some teams are supposed to get 10 assists per game and others are supposed to go get their points. Washington is still trying to figure out what Holtmann wants him to be while still being him. He has a pretty good idea of what Holtmann wants him to do.

+ His role is a little different than other guys on the team. One of his roles is to shoot the open shots and be aggressive. Now with the ball in his hands more, he has to know when to pass up those opportunities and get other people involved. A quick shot from him is not always the best option for the team.

+ CJ Walker is a leader for this team. He talks the talk and walks the walk. He provides the blueprint for everyone.

+ If Holtmann isn’t screaming at him or yelling at him, then that means he doesn’t care and it means that Washington is doing something that can’t be fixed. He chose Ohio State to be coached by Holtmann. When he’s getting yelled at, it can be tough in the moment, but those situations and conversations are only to benefit Washington. Every once in a while you can feel Holtmann staring at you “through your whole soul.”

+ Washington has checked in with DJ Carton and made it known that everybody is there for him for whatever he may need.

+ Washington gets instant feedback after shots that he’s missed from assistant coach Jake Diebler on bad form or bad lean or angle, etc.

+ “Every shot I shoot I have 100% confidence that it’s going in.”

Kyle Young

+ Young said he was gonna have to take two jerseys on the road from now on just in case. He’s never had a hole ripped in his jersey like that before.

+ His mindset when shooting the free throws at the end of the Michigan game was to just remain calm and shoot them like he does in practice. He shoots 100-150 per day.

+ They don’t look at the standings. They only look at themselves and work on improving every day.

+ Young missed the first Wisconsin game this year, which was a loss at home. “It was tough. Any game you have to sit out and watch is tough.”

+ When you get benched during a game for a bad play you have to absorb what the coaches tell you when you’re over on the bench.

+ “I love playing with [Duane]. He can take over a game.”

+ You has talked to DJ Carton a few times but has let him know that he’s available to talk whenever it’s needed.

Holtmann Pre-Wisconsin Presser

?? Chris Holtmann Press Conference ahead of game at Wisconsin, presented by OSUCCC-James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute | #GoBucks

Posted by Ohio State Buckeyes on Friday, February 7, 2020

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  1. He says Wisconsin is very good like they showed against Michigan St. But did he say Wis was very bad when they got blown off the floor by Minnesota in their next game. By the way after Wis, Mich St lost their next game at home against Penn St.

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