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Aaron Craft On Living In Italy During Coronavirus Outbreak

Ohio State basketball Aaron Craft

Former Ohio State basketball star Aaron Craft is living in Italy right now as he plays professional basketball for a team there.

That country has been hit hard by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and has taken even more dramatic steps that the United States to curb its spread.

Monday, Craft shared an update on what the outbreak has been like for him and his family, as well as for him as a player.

You can read his statement below, or watch the embedded video at the end of this post.


I wanted to give everyone a quick update on what life’s like here in Italy. For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently living in Trento, Italy, with my wife and my son. Trento is in northern Italy, about two-and-a-half hours from the Lombardy region, which was the epicenter of the outbreak here in Italy.

Over the last few weeks, it’s progressively gotten worse. It all started with postponing games for a couple days and then they eventually just postponed them until at least April 3. Next, they canceled all team events and practices for at least 14 days. Finally, the government issued a nationwide lockdown here in Italy, which closed down all non-essential businesses and buildings. The only places that are open right now are grocery stores and pharmacies for limited hours. There’s also a pretty strict travel ban going on if you don’t have a legit reason to be moving.

With all that being said, we’re doing well. We’re doing fine. Not that we haven’t had our moments of panic but we plan on staying here and riding this thing out, obeying the laws and the restrictions that are in place.

We’re able to go outside and walk and have a good time there. We’re really looking forward to the family time that we can have over these next 14 days. And we’re also very, very happy about the precautions that are in place and the adherence to them by all those around us. They’re helping keep all of us safe.

Finally, I want to say some quick thoughts to those athletes that recently had games, tournaments, championships and even seasons canceled. I understand how you’re feeling.

I plan on this being my last season of basketball and I thought I had 11 games left to really finish strong. However, it’s not really looking like I’m going to get the opportunity to end it how I hoped.

But it’s times like this I’m so glad that my hope, my identity and my value is not based on my basketball skill, the last game I played or future performance. And I’m so grateful that God assigns me my value, identify and gives me hope through his son Jesus, and not based on anything that I do. I pray that you have this hope too. Let’s all stay safe and let’s get through this together.

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  1. Please keep safe. I have had your Ohio State Photograph on my computer since you played at OSU; so that every time I turn on my computer I can think of you.
    I believe that your are the best defensive basketball player ever!! Go Bucks
    O H I O

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