Let’s All Watch 2016 Ohio State vs. Michigan Together

Ohio State Football Curtis Samuel 2016 Michigan Touchdown

The “Shelter In Place” order currently in effect in Ohio may have you feeling a little bit of cabin fever. We get it.

We all love our families, pets, and video game systems, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to talk to people outside of your immediate (and tiny) social circle these days.

That’s why we’re inviting you to join us to watch the 2016 Ohio State vs. Michigan game together.

Thanks to a platform called TwoSeven, it’s easy to synch up a video stream and share in the experience of watching the Buckeyes and Wolverines play an absolute classic of a game together.

The-Ozone’s Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr will be sharing some commentary and answering questions in the accompanying chat.

And don’t worry – we’re using a 40-minute version of The Game, and not the full broadcast, which ran close to four hours.

If you’re interested in joining us for this event, just click here to go the synched video and live chat.

We’ll start the game at 9:00 pm, and probably take a short break at halftime in case you need to freshen your drink, let the dog out, or yell at your kids to go back to bed.

In the meantime, you can check out our photo gallery from the 2016 Ohio State vs. Michigan game.