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VIDEO: Ohio State Football’s ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go’

Ohio State Football Curtis Samuel 2016 Michigan Touchdown

The Ohio State football program just released a new video, and it is fantastic in every way.

It’s basically a Buckeye-centric hype video for staying home during the pandemic. Yeah, that sounds deeply strange, but the execution is… *chef kiss*.

It pairs the classic Dr. Seuss book “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” with scenes of Ohio State fans at home, watching some of their team’s greatest moments.

Just run down the checklist of everything great about college football and it’s all here.

The voices of beloved announcers like Keith Jackson and Brent Musberger.

Epic moments in Ohio State football history.

A simple, but powerful message.

There isn’t a game this weekend, but watching this, you’ll be ready for one.