Justin Fields Getting Some Work In With QB Guru Quincy Avery

Justin Fields Ohio State Football Quarterback

Ohio State junior quarterback Justin Fields isn’t taking things too easily during the nationwide quarantine process. While college athletes are spread all over the country and separated from their respective college programs, each is doing what they can to stay busy, to stay in shape, and most especially to stay sharp.

Fields has spent some of his time working with noted quarterback coach Quincy Avery. Even if campuses were open, there isn’t much coaching that could go on this time of year because of NCAA rules. Position coaches can only work with players so much during the offseason, and there are rules that limit exactly what they can and can’t do. Avery, however, is not hindered by such rules, so players flock to him every offseason to continue working on their respective skills.

After being a Heisman finalist and throwing for 3,273 yards with 41 touchdowns and just three interceptions last season, it bodes well for the Buckeyes that Fields is far from satisfied with his craft and still working to perfect the quarterback position.

Avery is based in the Atlanta area, which makes for an easy drive for the Georgia-native Fields.

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day has said in the past he doesn’t mind players having “gurus,” and Ohio State is more than familiar with Avery as he has worked with many notable quarterbacks in the past, including former Buckeye Dwayne Haskins.

It has been difficult for every Buckeye to be able to find ways to work out and continue improving during the coronavirus pandemic. All-American left guard Wyatt Davis spoke recently that out in California where he is, it can be hard to find fields to practice on without being kicked off of them before their workouts are even finished.

Fields and his fellow quarterbacks aren’t having that same issue in Atlanta, as you can see in the videos and photos below.


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  1. Given the questions regarding our running back room, and probably a greater desire to keep Justin healthy, I think it’s a fair assumption that we will rush for less yards as a team than last year. I’m not sure that Dwayne’s 4831 yards and 50 TD’s are within reach, but he is going to have an amazing season.

  2. Great to hear and see the descriptions, the who/what/when/where of Fields’ efforts!

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