No Fans For Ducks Game? Oregon Gov Nixes Large Crowds For Sporting Events Through September

Ohio State Buckeyes football indoors

Ohio State is set to play at Oregon this season on September 12 and it is looking like there will be massive reduction of fans in attendance when — or if — the two teams kickoff in Autzen Stadium.

On Thursday, Oregon governor Kate Brown announced that the ban on crowds will last at least through September.

“There is some difficult news to share. Large gatherings, including live sporting events with audiences, concerts, festivals, and conventions will not be able to return until we have a reliable treatment or prevention like a vaccine,” Brown said.

“The Oregon Health Authority is advising that any large gathering, at least through September, should be canceled or significantly modified.”

Autzen Stadium normally seats 54,000 people and is arguably the most raucous environment in west coast college football. Having a home-and-home with Ohio State was supposed to give the Ducks one of their biggest non-conference home games of all-time. That may still happen, but most people will be watching it from home.

There have been many models discussed for the coming college football season, including cutting out the non-conference schedule entirely. If that did happen, it could be expected that Oregon and Ohio State would try to reschedule the meeting in Eugene well down the road.

The Buckeyes’ next open slate on their non-conference schedule is in 2024, but they are already playing at Washington that year and OSU’s budget doesn’t like having two road non-conference games. With that in mind, there are openings in both 2028 and 2029 that could work, for Ohio State at least.

The Buckeyes open the 2020 season at home against Bowling Green before heading to Oregon for week two. The Ducks, meanwhile, will be opening their season against North Dakota State and top quarterback Trey Lance. Lance threw for 2,786 yards with 28 touchdowns and zero interceptions last year as a redshirt freshman. He also rushed for 1,100 yards and 14 touchdowns.

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  1. why does insane duck fly upside-down? Because he has QUACK-UP!

  2. What a shock! A West Coast voice (among many) advocating hiding our heads in the sand until the bogeyman virus spares us! Gag! We’ve spent $2.5T on government aid to help fix wrecked economy; Dow has plunged 5,000 points; 30,000,000 jobless claims; businesses lost; suicides and dom violence are way up; retirement plans for millions dashed; and yet, mostly democratic yahoo’s still clamor to “distance, stay safe and basically quarantine until Pelosi and friends say it’s ok to come out, flush w/ more govt aid $$. Stop it already. As of today, each death (admittedly sad and awful always) has cost us about $515,000,000.00 EACH in federal aid.
    Yeah, worth it?

    1. Would you stop ranting like a right, gun toting, republican who cannot read to save his life. Jump in you pickup and head down south so you can be with your own kind.

      1. Weldon Beal–gee, do you always unfairly stereotype people who disagree with your obvious extreme liberal point of view? I don’t know Dallas but what he said is true and some really, really ignorant people who aren’t following the actual facts /science/data are causing a LOT of harm to people in their states with poor policy decisions, and as related to this specific football article, the possible (hopeful) upcoming season…it’s insane and stupid to make any decision for September in May. Maybe you need to learn the facts before your pathetic name-calling rants …Let’s just all hope there is a college football season and past this nonsense soon.

    2. Sorry for your troubles. Sounds like you have game tickets in hand, flights and hotels booked, and vacation time scheduled. Now you’ll be forced to seek refunds and watch the game from the loneliness of your couch. Chin up Dallas Buckeye!

  3. The Ducks don’t have fans, just a bunch of QUACKS! (It’s a JOKE! CH-ILLL!)

  4. ridiculous–anyone planning on restricting things THAT far out is a moron..Whitmer in +ichigan is bad enough…the actual stats and science do not add up with many of the decisions being made. I work at a hospital and like the one I’m at many are absolute ghost towns. some horrible decisions being made too far in advance–it’s all about power and stupidity at this point.;

    1. No Todd, it is all about science and medicine. Unless you are an infectious disease expert, your job at the hospital is meaningless when it comes to public policy. Tens of thousands of people are now dead because public officials failed to act soon enough due to people like you yammering that covid19 wasn’t a big deal. You were wrong then, and you are wrong now.

      1. Rick – Nice to hear a reasonable and informed voice on this thread. This isn’t a “stubbed toe” as James A Mills so indelicately put it on a related O-Zone thread a couple months back. Lives are being lost and science is informing our decisions.

      2. Rick–I am not claiming to be an expert, and obviously neither are you…and gee, these so-called experts have had it right so often so far haven’t they? NOPE…predicting deaths in the millions…telling us that this wasnt much of a risk, couldn’t be spread person to person, wasn’t much to worry about…Fauci and the experts you refer to have been VERY wrong…..the data actually shows that yes this is very contagious and is harmful to VERY select groups of people like in nursing homes and low immunity–same as most other things…there are very few hot spots around the country like new york–and that’s because an idiot governor told med workers WITH covid to go back to work in the nursing homes…Florida has a much older and also higher population than NY yet their death total is significantly lower–why is that? because their governor took proper steps with the higher risk older/nursing home population……..and numerous studies from around the country (like USC and Stanford etc) and the world are showing that millions of more people have been affected than thought, with minimal or no visible symptoms, which drives down the mortality rate VERY close to the regular flu…so go on and believe the mass hysteria and the every second media updat on every time someone gets this if you want–but the actual scientific data shows this is NOT as deadly as thought %-wise because the increased testing is proving it…that doesnt mean don’t take some precautions and of course those who are older/lower immunity to care for and protect them…it means stop giving in to the hysteria and look at actual facts and studies and watch that mortality rate drop…..and as for working at a hospital–all I meant is that I am there to see the ghost town it is –we have the biggest population in the half of the state I live in–and there are FOUR cases of covid and 13 deaths in an 8 hospital region/umbrella…..elective surgeries should be happening and MOST counties are not like new york and a few other places… please get off your high horse because you don’t work up here to see it…so I will say YOU are wrong Rick.

      3. My comment was specifically related to this article and the idiocy of anyone making rules and projections into September while it is early May..I don’t plan on continuing this on here as the Buckeye football itself is much more interesting, but if you have “science” to back up why anyone in their right mind should be laying down the law 4 months ahead please share with us….either way –go Buckeyes!

      4. Very interesting Rick, and it’s hard to predict and properly make plans for a disease no one really knew much about. What we do know now is that the average age of those who die is about 79 years old. We do know that the vast majority of those who die also have some pre-existing condition. We also know that the disease is most probably transmitted after 10-15 minutes of contact with a person. We know that crowded areas like huge apartment complexes, prisons and cruise boats are prime targets for maximum exposure and contact. So nursing homes, the aged and those with pre existing conditions are to be very well guarded. The question is did we lose lives because we didn’t lock everyone down? Or did we lose lives because the elderly and the feeble were exposed and not protected? We also know from past plagues, like the Black Plague that some scientists estimate that 40% of EVERYONE died, still had to live life and plant crops if not the next winter all died. No one has all the answers, but we do have some really good set of facts and data. I’m not sure why I can shop at Menard’s, but not at a mall. Not sure why bathrooms are closed at State Parks and so are hiking trails. There’s a lot of really poor decisions being made. My point is, I would hope that this would continue to be a site where we speak only about FB. However, we also need to be careful NOT to call anyone out with any aspect that we disagree with WRONG or IGNORANT. Thank you, have a good day.

        1. Science. Also, poke around in the Johns Hopkins site for more Covid 19 details. Additionally, Oregon reporting an uptick in cases.

          I’m assuming all of those complaining that a game will be played, albeit without fans, planned to attend the game and are suffering a direct and personal inconvenience. If not the complaints are based on something other than sports.

    1. Simple solution. Switch it up. Move the game to Columbus this year. Oregon next year.

  5. GO BUCKS!

    “Significantly Modify”… the Ducks!

    “So appropriately” …

    and be So Fair and Balanced about it…they’ll wonder what hit ’em.


  6. Plenty of good seats should be available

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