Buckeyes Ranked No. 2 In College Football Coaches’ Poll

Ohio State will open the 2020 college football season as the second-ranked team in the coaches’ poll, behind only Clemson.

The Buckeyes earned 17 of the a possible 65 first-place votes, and 1555 total points.

The Tigers were at 1589 points and 38 first-place votes.

A trio of SEC teams, Alabama, Georgia, and LSU round out the top five.

Penn State is the next Big Ten team to appear in the poll at No. 7, followed by 12th-ranked Wisconsin, 15th-ranked Michigan, 18th-ranked Minnesota, and 23rd-ranked Iowa.

Nebraska and Indiana were among the teams outside the top-25 who also received votes.

A total of six SEC teams rank among the top-13 programs in the nation in the initial poll, including No. 3 Alabama, No. 4 Georgia, No. 5 LSU, No. 8 Florida, No. 11 Auburn, and No. 13 Texas A&M.

Oregon, who the Buckeyes were originally scheduled to play during the second week of the season, checks in at No. 9.

You can find the complete poll below, including team name, record, points, first place votes, previous ranking, and season high/low in the poll.

The “others receiving votes” are below the top-25.

2Ohio State0-0155517NR2/2
5Louisiana State0-013306NR5/5
7Penn State0-011990NR7/7
10Notre Dame0-010120NR10/10
13Texas A&M0-08070NR13/13
16Oklahoma State0-05240NR16/16
17Southern California0-05210NR17/17
19North Carolina0-04150NR19/19
21Central Florida0-02320NR21/21
24Virginia Tech0-01430NR24/24
25Iowa State0-01350NR25/25
Tennessee 111; Boise State 111; Arizona State 88; Kentucky 73; Memphis 71; Baylor 66; Washington 65; Louisville 62; Miami 58; Appalachian State 31; Navy 17; Virginia 13; Air Force 12; Mississippi State 9; Texas Christian 7; Washington State 6; Tulane 5; California 5; UL Lafayette 3; Southern Methodist 3; Nebraska 3; Stanford 2; Pittsburgh 1; Kansas State 1; Indiana 1; Duke 1.

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  1. i don’t as as rule get wigged out about pre-season or polls generally, though confess to looking forward to their annual appearance, but for the life of me, I do not understand on an annual basis why Georgia is always perceived to be so great when they have done NOTHING really since…? Admittedly, it is a great source of college and pro talent, and Ga does quite well here, but that just means they do less with more than maybe anybody in the country (not named Mich or TX).
    just don’t get it.

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