Ryan Day: ‘Why can these other teams and players play and we can’t?’

Ohio State football head coach Ryan Day

Answers have been in short supply from the Big Ten office ever since the league voted to cancel its fall 2020 season.

After a disastrous appearance by commissioner Kevin Warren on Big Ten Network the day of the announcement, the league has issued only a couple of short statements which basically reiterated the point that they hoped to play when it was safe to do so.

Thursday afternoon, after more than four weeks of waiting, a clearly frustrated Ryan Day issued a public statement asking for more information from the league.

The statement was released on his Twitter account and reads as follows:

“While I understand the Big Ten Conference’s decision to postpone the football season because of health and safety considerations, the communication of information from the Big Ten following the decision has been disappointing and often unclear. However, we still have an opportunity to give our young men what they have worked so hard for: a chance to safely compete for a national championship this fall.

“I couldn’t possibly be prouder of how this team, our medical personnel, athletic director and president have stayed together and managed through this extremely difficult time with so many unanswered questions. The Big Ten medical subcommittee has done an excellent job of creating a safe pathway toward returning to play in mid-October.

“These young men and their parents have asked so many questions that I do not have an answer to, but the one that hurts the most is ‘Why can these other teams and players play and we can’t?’ Duke is playing Notre Dame, and Clemson is playing Wake Forest this weekend. Our players want to know: why can’t they play?”

It’s a fair question. Now the Buckeyes, their fans, and millions more across the midwest are hoping that the Big Ten can either give them an actual answer or get out of the way and let them take the field this fall.

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  1. What have we learned from the high schools playing in various states?

    Why have Nebraska, Iowa and OSU been so quiet? I understand that TSUN and MSU is scared of their governor nanny, but why have Penn State, Indiana been quiet?

  2. Im sure kevin warren will be contacting coach day from his club seat at Mississippi states opener to let him know his fine and punishment for speaking out against the big 10 publicly.

  3. Because liberals care more about Trump than anything. At any cost.

  4. good for Day!!.Warren and co. have been horrendous and secretive and there is no reason OSU shouldnt be playing this fall for a national title.enough of the politics already…Warrren’s son can play but Big Ten can’t?! hmmmmm

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