Indiana’s Tom Allen, Players Talk 42-35 Loss to Ohio State

COLUMBUS – Indiana head coach Tom Allen met with the media following the Hoosiers’ 42-35 loss to Ohio State on Saturday.

A number of players also answered questions from reporters.

Tom Allen

+ On the fumble at the end of the first half being a critical turning point, Allen said said that was huge. That was a chance for them to score and not only did they not score, but Ohio State got the ball and scored and got the momentum going into half.

+ On Penix as a leader, Allen said as long as there is time on the clock there’s a chance. Penix doesn’t just talk about that, he lives that out. He had tremendous poise. His leadership is pretty special.

+ The tackling was not good, especially on Justin Fields because he is so strong and quick. “A lot of our players couldn’t get him on the ground and that was frustrating.”

+ Ohio State has so much talent on the perimeter. “It’s a catch 22 they put you in because of their talent.”

+ His team stayed the course, had a chance, just weren’t able to do it.

+ He told the team in the locker room that he is proud of the heart, fight, toughness of this team. They truly are special, they just have to play better, but that was a great football team they played. “But to put ourselves in that position, we continued to battle to the very end.”

+ There’s always two or three plays you wish you could get back, the pick-6 was one of those. In a seven point game, those become the difference. “We have to learn from them, correct them, and move forward.”

+ He was concerned about their ability to run the ball against Ohio State and it proved to be true.

+ If they could have got some momentum or points off of the takeaways in the first half that would have been huge.

+ The gap has been closed, but we’re not there yet. We’re working hard to continue to close that. “Since I’ve been here we’ve never had a fourth quarter game with them.” But close isn’t good enough, we came here to win the game.

+ “I think we’re a really good football team. To me it’s about continuing to show and prove on the field that we are one of the top programs in the Big Ten. We haven’t been that in a very long time and I think we’re closer.”

QB Michael Penix

+ It hurts. But they are going to continue to push forward and correct the things that they need to fix.

+ They got more comfortable in the second half and they executed the simple things. They all played hard for each other. They limited mistakes in the second half and started to get the result they wanted.

+ On the number of explosive plays executed in this game, Penix said they just happened as the game went on. It wasn’t something they saw on film from Ohio State,” they didn’t show too much of those, giving up the deep ball.”

+ On the interception to Shaun Wade, “it just wasn’t a good throw.”

+ They have to make the simple plays and limit mistakes. He loves what he saw today, but it hurts that they didn’t get the result they wanted.

+ They showed that Indiana football fights, they leave it all out on the field and that’s what they did. A lot of good things happened but there are things they need to correct and that’s what they’re going to do moving forward.

+ They fought back from being down at halftime but they need to finish and take advantage of opportunities given to them.

+ On the job of his offensive line, he said they work hard every day. They showed that relentless effort and he appreciates them.

WR Ty Fryfogle

+  Michael Penix is very special. He can make any throw on the field, he can do anything. “He’s a great playmaker, I just love Mike.”

+ “It’s very disappointing, we came out sloppy in the first half. This football team will be special when we put four quarters of good football together.”

+ He was moving around everywhere today and was put in good positions to make plays. “But none of that matters when you lose because it’s disappointing.”

+ This team has grown a lot and has a lot of fight in it. Most teams would lay down at the end of the first half after a score like that.

+ They studied a lot of film on the defense because of the different looks Ohio State mixes in, but at the end of the day they didn’t make enough plays.

S Jamar Johnson

+ “We fought hard and we didn’t come up with the result we wanted. But it shows the this team will fight to the end no matter what.”

+ On throwing off Justin Fields, they knew that mixing up the coverage would mix up his reads and would get to him that way. “He likes to look at one receiver, he doesn’t really go through his progressives that much. We were disguising our coverages.”

+ “The defense was heated up in the second half, we were ready.”

+ There were mistakes made in all aspects of the game.

+ The loss last year stuck with them.

+ Ohio State just made more plays than them. “Hats off to Ohio State.”

4 Responses

  1. They have not tackled well since Chris Ash was on the staff. What exactly is mattisons responsibility on the defense?

  2. The Bucks did not look like a playoff caliber team today. A lot of weakness showed through in this game. The defensive secondary was terrible, tackling very bad, no pass rush to speak of. On the offensive side, O-line has some problems needing fixed. Coaching was questionable in this game.. All the weak areas mentioned, has been seen in past games somewhat, should be improving by now, but looked worse today. If not having a crowd is affecting the players, they need to accept and get over that. Let’s go Bucks, and bear down get it done.

  3. horrible pass defense and horrible officiating..3-4 major blown calls all going indiana’s way…i like Allen and Indian plays hard and fights so credit to least our run game got going ..we lost turnover battle and Field’s played his worst game..but OSU still beat a legit and top 10 team..this year, I’ll take it..but that pass D better improve quickly .

  4. We are 4-0 but it doesn’t feel like it. Indiana should have had two fumbles in the first half, one with the receiver and the other where Penix’s arm was not going forward. OSU still had a 28-7 lead at halftime. Justin Fields had the worst game of his career. The defense will get embarrassed if they make it to the playoffs. They need to learn how to tackle and play a lot better pass defense. How can a one dimensional team like Indiana score 28 points in the second half and we only scored 14?

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